Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Have Yourself a Merry Little Altered Matchbox Christmas

Jingle bells, jingle's my favourite time of year and in a rush to get my Christmas crafting kicked off, I decided to go mini. This altered box was originally a matchbox style wedding favour I picked up as part of a set in Hobbycraft, I think they were about £3 for a pack of twelve at the time. I'll be picking up some more on my next visit as I'd really like to make another matchbox dresser like this one.

I used the new First Edition All That Glistens paper pad and a plethora of embellishments from Dovecraft and Simply Creative. Some jingle bells give it that festive musical sound whenever you pick it up. My plan is to make a mini plaque to co-ordinate - I did a similar project here. They're lovely to give instead of a card.

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Movies watched this week:

Dracula - you can't beat the old Hammer horror movies
Devil's Gate - fancy something a little different, this one is a bit of a twister. Horror/Sci-fi
Den of Thieves - Gerard Butler stars in this heist thriller. Available on Netflix.
Outlaw King - Historical action drama, Chris Pine stars. Available on Netflix.

Friday, 9 November 2018

A Little box of Positivity

I have a bit of a thing for matchboxes, you can see the evidence in my galleries on Pinterest or Instagram, just click on the follow me panels on the right. 

This pretty version using First Edition Let’s Celebrate papers fits in with my recent mindful-themed projects and is a sweet way to share positive messages. Have fun creating your own version and keep it in mind for for other occasions too, with a change of ticket message and papers it would be great for Valentine’s, Father's Day and so much more.  Here's the how…
1. Print the tickets on patterned paper, cut out and perforate between the tickets. If your trimmer doesn’t have a perforating blade just use a craft knife and metal rule. 
2. Take out a discard the outer sleeve. Cover the drawer with patterned paper inside and out. 
3. Cut a piece of the beautiful Let’s Celebrate patterned paper for the box sleeve, double the length of the drawer plus 0.5cm and long enough to wrap around the drawer with a 1cm overlap. 

4. Score the box sleeve as shown on the above template to fit around the drawer. Fold in the two long sides and glue to make the cover double thickness. Fold at the score lines to form the matchbox sleeve.
5. Now, join a couple of ticket strips together, ensuring you don’t apply glue over the perforation. Fold in an accordion and pop into the box drawer.
6. Create a small ‘A’ frame from glitter card, I used leftover Christmas tags and adhere one of the ticket sentiments trimmed to fit. 
7. Cut a narrow slot a little wider than the tickets 1cm from one end of the box sleeve and embellish your box with paper flowers and pearls!
9. Thread the end of the first ticket through the slot and seal the box cover around the drawer with the 1cm tab to the inside for a neat finish. Give with love… or keep for a personal positive reminder each day. 
An empty matchbox (mine measured 6.5cm x 4.5cm and 2cm deep),
Dovecraft Silver Glitter Card, Tag,

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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Project Life app - A Day at the Seaside

I'm a big fan of the Project Life app, something I would never have thought would appeal in my early scrapping days. Now I realise it's great to be able to create a layout anywhere and perfect for me as I'm in a permanent state of catch-up. This is my most recent app layout. 

This one sums up the simple pleasures of living by the seaside and captures some of the beautiful carousel horses. Cards from the Adventure Edition which have a lovely sketchy dreamy quality, provided a lovely journaling background and title.

I took the photos with my Nikon D5000  my fav camera. I'm in no rush to upgrade, but I admit to being amazed how gorgeous the photos are with the later iPhones, a great bonus if you have one.

Happy Scrapping

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Sunday, 4 November 2018

Sleeps 'til Christmas Calendar

The ghostly wails have passed to be replaced by the faint sound of jingle bells. So, to kick off my festive build up I made this Sleeps 'til Christmas calendar for The Craft Blog.

If you'd like to make your own version you can find a full tutorial here. It's one of those designs I will revisit as it fits my quick and easy criteria and I'll probably use it to hold a flip album, although I am tempted to make another calendar just for me in a warm traditional colour scheme.

I used the Paper Addicts It's Cold Outside paper pad and the First Edition Stocking Nesting Die Set for the main elements of the project. A trimmed out snowman and reindeer from die cuts made with the First Edition Build a Scene Snowglobe Deer die set add to my naive hand cut forest. Some silver glitter card and a couple of book rings are all I needed to complete the design.

Happy Scrapping

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Sunday, 28 October 2018

Halloween Home - Skulls, Ghosts And Other Ghoulish Goodies

Ghosts and ghouls are on the prowl. There are horror movies on the tv and we've got a cupboard full of sweets - Yes, it's Halloween, time to strew the lounge with cobwebs, spiders and my latest spooky decor projects.

I've just finished altering this skull. It started life as this cheapie £land green plastic skull.

I sanded down the rough edges and covered the entire skull in decoupage paper to give me a decent paint surface. I gave it a couple of coats of metallic silver paint from The Works and once dry I mixed a few drops of black paint with the silver to give the eye sockets, nose and teeth some shadows. 

Then it was just a case of bring on the bling. I broke out all the odd clear gems and silver and cream pearls, building up a flowing stream of sparkle down one side of the skull. Finally I added a spider charm glued to the chin. 

If you're wondering about my photo backgrounds, here's my secret.....check out The Range wallpaper samples, they're perfect. Just don't tell them I told you. 

We always like to add a few new things to our Halloween display and this year we decided to try creating our own ghost. It was a huge success and here's the result. Just drifting through the wall on the right. I looked up the technique on Pinterest and poor Ray was the model, he loved it, except when I briefly forgot and wrapped cling film over his breathing tube.....eek!

Here's a closer look at the ghost and the rest of the Halloween display. There's a few other items sprinkled around, it tends to creep around the house. Obviously, Ray is yet to work his magic on the pumpkin and we'll switch up to spooky light up mode once that's done, with candles and tea lights in all the lanterns.

Now, it's just a case of lining up the viewing schedule for the big night, so far we have Little Shop of Horrors for the early movie and a binge of The Haunting of Hill House - sooooo creepy. 

Happy Halloween. 

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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Halloween, Pumpkins and Treats - Getting my fright on!

I love the events of the year and Halloween is up there as a favourite. I'm already planning a huge cutting session for home decor projects to capture the mood and I'm working on a skull decor piece to add to this year's display.

And it's not just making stuff! I couldn't resist this amazing sweet bowl from TK Max, at £14.99 it seemed a bargain to me. They had loads of gorgeously horrible decor pieces - I could have spent a fortune!

Now, to my paper Halloween projects. I broke out the Silhouette Cameo and first out the gate, I made this Svgcuts mini pumpkin lantern at 50% of the original designed size. To see the whole range of available patterns click on the icon on the right...warning you'll want them all!

Some spiders from Sainsbury's at £1 a pack and some orange gems finished off the project. 

For the pumpkin I used First Edition Fiesta Fever papers and for the hat American Crafts Black cardstock. A battery operated tea light provides safe illumination and these are available pretty much everywhere for a couple of pounds for a pack of four.

To match my pumpkin I made this house from the Fairyville bundle, available on the Dreaming Tree website. Select the icon on the right to view their fantastic pattern range. Again, I made this at 50% of the designed size and using the same papers and cardstock as the pumpkin. 

My latest project is still in the early stages, but it's getting there, so pop by nearer the spooky day to see the finished article. 

Lastly, a quick seasonal TV and movie recommendation. I started the series The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix to get into the spooky mood and I really enjoyed it's creepy style. I've also just bought the download for a fav from my viewing in the 80's, Salem's Lot. I'm a huge Stephen King fan and this, although dated, still has a couple of the creepiest ever moments on film for me.

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Sunday, 14 October 2018

Fiesta Fever

I had a couple of coasters knocking around in my blanks pile and with some strips of paper and a wooden frame they easily transformed into this cute mini. I used the First Edition Fiesta Fever paper pad, which is great because it has pages of tags too.

Here's the how, if you'd like to make your own. 

1. Cover two 9.5cm square coasters or pieces of chipboard in patterned paper using a wet glue, ensure you apply glue right to the edge of the papers.

2. From the skull patterned paper cut two 7cm wide strips of paper from a 12 x 12 sheet.

3. Score the strips at 7cm, 14cm, 21cm and 28cm. Fold at the score lines in an accordion, this should give you two folded strips with approximately a 2cm flap at one end.

4. Cut a joining piece 7cm x 3cm of skull paper and score in half down from the short edge. Fold at the score line, unfold. Apply glue to the patterned side of the joining piece and adhere the back side of the last 7cm section of one strip to it, sliding the edge up to the center score mark. Join the second strip to the other flap in the same way. You should now have an accordion single strip with a small flap at each end.

5. Separate the accordion folded sections into four pages and apply a thin line of glue at the bottom and sides of the pages to seal the pockets.

6. With the book folded, align the spine of the book with the edge of the back cover and adhere the small flap to the inside of the cover. With the book closed, apply glue to the remaining flap and adhere to the inside of the front cover, again aligning the cover edge with the book spine.

7. Cut tags from purple cardstock, two with foldover flaps matted with patterned paper and two plain tags. Add the tags to the pockets.

8. Cut a parenthesis from purple patterned paper slightly smaller than the book cover. Trim a 1" section from the parenthesis and apply glue to the straight edge of the 1" piece and two short sides. Adhere to the inside front cover aligning the straight edge with the edge of the cover, trim any overlapping pieces. Cut tags from the papers and add to the inside cover pocket. Cut another 1" section from the parenthesis and adhere to the left edge of the album front cover.

9. Cut a piece of purple cardstock 13cm x 5cm. Score the cardstock down from the long edge at 7cm. Fold at the score line and adhere the back side of the larger section to the inside back cover of the album. Cut a pennant from the patterned paper and adhere to the front flap.

10. Paint the visible spine of the mini book with black paint. Blend black ink around the edge of the album front cover. Frame a piece of red glitter card and add a skull cut from the patterned paper to the centre of the framed card. Adhere to the album front cover.

Putting together this mini generated a few scraps, so I created a couple of ATCs to use them up.  I've decided to try and make this a regular thing, so I don't end up buried under a mound of paper scraps that I can't bring myself to throw away - I'm sure you know what I mean! 

The paper skulls are glittered and I added a few gems to pump up the sparkle. I just can't resist an extra bit of bling. 

Happy Scrapping

First Edition Fiesta Fever is available on Amazon here.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive commission if purchases are made via these links.