Sunday, 15 January 2017

Sketchy Sunday no.142

It's been a manic week and my intention of posting a couple of extra posts fell by the wayside, but at least I didn't miss Sketchy Sunday. So, here we have it, sketch no. 142.

 And on a completely different subject, if you're on the lookout for some organising jars - let's face it who isn't!- for your embellies and you tend to buy a few spices, check-out Sainsbury's new spice jars.  

They're £1 each and once empty, the label on the lid, which is a silver metal and the one on jar peal off cleanly. I've already got myself quite a few empties, we use a lot of Basil. They're perfect for my sequins and small embellies and you can label either the top to keep them in a drawer or the glass jar itself. 

Happy Scrapping

Movies I've watched this week:-

Independence Day Resurgence - Sci-Fi action sequel
Hell or High Water - modern western (pick of the week)
Bad Moms - adult comedy


  1. Hi Michelle this is a gorgeous sketch. I like the ideas with the jars. Take care. Hugs Jackie