Monday, 7 November 2016

Just Fun

Another bus ride, another layout........I'm under no illusions about the quality of some of these photos, but not all photos we take are pin sharp or perfectly composed and that shouldn't stop us using them. 

This style of scrapping somehow makes it easier to use those less than perfect images, maybe it's just because it's so works for me. So, if all I have is a couple of dodgy photos of a moment I want to remember, they are what I'll use rather than not remember it at all and sometimes those blurry images add to the story... that's the case with one of my photos from my wedding as shown below and this one was scrapped traditional style too. 

This is such a lovely image for me, despite it being blurry - the reason it's not pin sharp is because I was laughing so much as I was taking it, as my wedding day was so much fun.

Happy Scrapping


  1. I believe in using the not so perfect photos too. Especially when sometimes you don't have another photo that will work. Your page is cute. I love the colors

    1. Thanks Lisa, those blurry pics can be winners.