Sunday, 21 August 2016

Sketchy Sunday no.125

I know it's sketch day, but firstly I have to share a wonderful tasty discovery. We were browsing in Costco and came across a recipe book by Joe Wicks. We tried this recipe OMG cinnamon French toast.........we're having it again this evening for a treat, it's gorgeous. We used our Hovis Seed Sensations bread, as that was what we had in the cupboard, so ours had extra protein and extra flavour too. The book is definitely on my shopping list. 

Now, onto the more probable reason for your visit today....Sketch no. 125.

I'm loving square photos lately and I've just discovered Costco have now included 5" x 5" prints as part of their range, I'll check out the quality soon. Most of the time I print my photos for scrapping at home on my Canon Selphy printer, but it's handy having a batch ready to scrap and Costco has been a good option in the past. The print quality is very dependant on the person on duty at the time, so I generally don't get loads done at once. I must check out some other printers. 

Happy Scrapping

Movies watched last week:
Suicide Squad -  a disappointment....enough said!
Eddie the Eagle - fun, uplifting true story.
The Finest Hours - True rescue drama. 

And this week:
Southbound - horror anthology
Batman vs Superman - dark superhero adventure
The Possession - supernatural horror
The Big Short - disturbing true story of high-finance, it's a lot more entertaining than it sounds.
Tale of Tales - dark interwoven fairy tale