Sunday, 24 July 2016

Sketchy Sunday no. 121

This week I've been inspired by my Project Life layouts to go for a simpler sketch. Simple it may be, but it's not boring, lots of photo space and if there's too many for you, just swap some of those pictures out for more journaling. So, here we have it, sketch no. 121.


I intend to use chipboard or grungeboard letters for my title to add a bit more interest and I'm still making a special effort to use those older supplies and I have quite a lot of grungeboard, letters, numbers and symbols. 

Now, something only tenuously craft related. I know I've mentioned my stash decluttering and sorting and that bug has now driven me to start decluttering my wardrobe....I said tenuous. First pass and I've filled a black bag. When I say wardrobe I mean my entire wardrobe, drawers included. I highly recommend it, I feel somewhat liberated! I think I'll end up wearing more and choosing what to wear will be easier. Don't get me wrong, I didn't have a huge amount of clothes, but like most people I had more than I needed. So, we're going to take a run to the recycling centre to drop off my bag and Ray's pile of jeans. I'm even thinking of trying the one in one out rule going forward, for craft stuff as well as everything else. Once you get that declutter bug you just want to clear everything. Try it, declutter just one cupboard or drawer and see if you want to do more. 

Happy Scrapping

Oops! once again I missed my what I watched list, so here's a two week rundown:-

Last week:-

The Legend of Tarzan - modern retelling of Burroughs' classic, tree swinging fun
Joy - uplifting true story of invention.

This week:-
The Boy - creepy horror
Trumbo - true story of Hollywood politics in the 1950's
The Amazing Spiderman - Andrew Garfield is Spidey
Allegiant - third in the Divergent series
The Forest - disappointing supernatural horror


  1. Great sketch. I just shared your sketch from July 3rd and how I used it on my blog today. I have a hard time with decluttering craft supplies. As for my wardrobe, I could use a major cleaning out right now.
    Oh, and I've been wanting to see Joy and the Legend of Tarzan, both.

    1. Thanks for the shout-out on your blog Lisa and Joy and Tarzan good movies. Tarzan could have done with a little more story, but great fun and abs.

  2. Terrific sketch for lots of pictures or journaling! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it! Good for your for cleaning out! I should do that for sure :)