Monday, 27 June 2016

Sketchy Sunday on a Monday

Apologies if you stopped by for a dose of inspiration yesterday, but life took a turn for the busy and my lack of future planning on the sketch front became oh so obvious. You know how it is, there's a kids' birthday party to attend, Sunday overtime and a belated Queen's birthday family BBQ and if you're me it's all on the same weekend - hence today's Sketchy Sunday on a Monday. So here's the sketch, late but I hope worth waiting for.

I was inspired by one of the kids at this weekend's party playing with an old viewmaster. Wouldn't this be great for a bunch of old passport photos? If they're anything like mine it will look like a crime ring. Some other ideas for this one are.... Party attendees, family members or a sequence of photos, kids' school pics as they grow up would look great too.

Happy Scrapping

Movies watched this week:-

Bone Tomahawk - horror western starring Kurt Russell
In the Heart of the Sea - historical sea drama starring the always unattractive Chris Hemsworth
Die Hard 2 - white vest saves everyone ....again!
Grabbers - comedy with a fantastic excuse for drinking
Deadpool - my all time favourite superhero


  1. Nice sketch! Sounds like a crazy but fun weekend!

    1. It was hectic and apart from the work bit good fun.

  2. loling at the "would look like a crime ring". I can definitely see the vision - school photos would be good too. I loved Deadpool. How was In the Heart of the sea?