Sunday, 5 June 2016

Sketchy Sunday no.114

The sun is out and summer has finally arrived and for some reason this always makes me want to sort out my stash and pass on any things that I know I just won't use. The result of this is I have more room to organse what's left. I get almost as much pleasure organising my stash as I do creating with it just me?

Anyway, enough waffling here's this week's 114.

I've kept this one simple and I chosen a five photo design as Ray (gorgeous hubby) suggested a picture per decade to create a layout for my 50th. 

On a different subject, if you've read some of my previous posts you may remember my mentioning the app Wordificator, a word cloud creation app. I've just upgraded to the paid version for £1.49 which basically means I can import any shape and create a word cloud in that shape. This is going to get a lot of use - I've already got plans for a Halloween page taking full advantage of the shaped word cloud. It would be easy to create cheap gifts too, just by printing a suitable word cloud and framing it..... for example, a map shape for where you met your partner or where you married, profiles in words and loads more.

Happy Scrapping

Movies watched this week:

Rio Bravo - classic western
Bridge of Spies - cold war thriller
I am Wrath - revenge thriller....ish
Star Wars; The Force Awakens - needs no introduction
Die Hard with a Vengence - white vest saves the world again


  1. Hi this is a wonderful layout. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. A sketch with plenty of pictures to be added.

  3. hope you will share your 'decades' layout...hmmmm good Idea. I just turned 55...very good idea

    1. I've just picked up a couple of photos from my mum, so I hope to get cracking on this. I think it will be a fun one....if a little embarrassing, eighties hair....need I say more.

  4. Great sketch. I will be interested to see your decades layout and your word clouds! Have a great week, Michelle!

  5. A photo for each decade is a splendid idea. Love that there is lots of room for journaling too. Oh, and YES! I get as much enjoyment organizing my stash as I do creating, but I abhor cleaning up after myself. go figure!