Thursday, 30 June 2016

Scrappy Apps revisited.......again

Are you a bit of a techy? I love a gadget, going as far as to name those especially dear to me....I mean you, Paddy and Junior (iPad mini and iPhone 5s). Along with my laptop and external drive they're my most used and as such I'm always on the lookout for apps that bring even more mobile scrappy possibilities.

If you're a frequent visitor you'll be all too aware of my recent obsession with the Project Life app, but that is just the tip of the installed iceberg. Here's a few of my current favourites:-

Amazon Photo - easily take advantage of the free UNLIMITED photo storage with my Prime membership.

Pinterest - great for inspiration for all us crafty types and makes it easy to update my boards on the go.

Wordificator and WordPack - two word cloud apps, great for creating unique artwork or filler cards.

Colour Effects - this is a new one in my scrappy arsenal, great for easy colour masks. This one is my first effort and took about 10 minutes. Once I've practised I'm sure it will be even quicker.

                   Before                                                                            After

Happy Scrapping


  1. Thanks for this. I did ask about the Project Life App on the UK Scrappers forum a few weeks ago but didn't get a reply. I am thinking of getting it for pocket pages while I am on my holidays so that I can scrap on the go so to speak. I'm not very techy but it seemed like it would be suitable for me. I've also seen an app called Waterlogue which transforms your pics into watercoloured images (especially effective with flower pics). i'm hoping to give that a try too.

    1. Hi Scrapmate, it's a great app and comes with enough extras to get you started. If you page through the available kits you'll stumble across free ones too. It's really simple to use, so go for it. I'm off to check out Waterlogue.