Monday, 20 June 2016

Going, going, Gone!

While pruning down my photo folder I came across this trio of images and just had to knock up a quick layout. This peahen had obviously had a heavy night and was plain tuckered out and I happened to catch her dozing off. There's a large muster of peacocks at Hainault Forest Country Park and I've captured quite a few in full on display, so they'll definitely be a companion layout to this one.

Whenever I take my camera out I always have it set to auto and burst mode as default. While walking around it means I can just grab those unexpected photo opportunities. You'd be surprised how many times just the right shot comes out of nowhere and with those settings I have a good chance of capturing something usable. When there's more time to prepare a shot I usually snap a quick one on auto first and then start experimenting with manual settings. I'm keen to improve my photography skills, but I'm not adverse to using the auto settings, after all far more skilled photographers than I have created them - It would be crazy not to take advantage of that. When I get a chance to get out and about with my camera I can see how much better my images are, but there are never enough hours in the day to practice as much as I'd like. 

Happy Scrapping

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  1. Well caught! Nature shots are always the trickiest! :) Sorry late hop, our internet was knocked out by a storm so I couldn't get on :( Have a fab week! Elaine-xxx-