Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Goat Scrubbers the sequel

OK, goat scrubbing may not be everyone's idea of a fun day out, but this girl loved it. If you've been paying attention you'll have seen the first of my Goat Scrubbers layouts and this is the companion page. As before, I put this together using the Project Life app with a filler card from the School Themed Card set. I stuck with the black background to give the photos pop. The title works, although I would have preferred to mix the font sizes. Currently you can't use a mix of fonts or font sizes on the same journaling card, obviously I could add the text in Photoshop, but that kind of defeats the object of using the app. So, for now I'm content with sticking to one font per card.

I'm loving these layouts and a printed photo book is definitely in my future, once I have enough completed. Any photo-book recommendations are much appreciated. I think I'll go for a 8 x 8 or thereabouts, to keep it nice and neat.

Now, for an extra little share today......I snapped this picture with Ray's iPhone 6 this morning to celebrate the first use of my 'Pug in a Mug' tea infuser....I admit this was due to me running out of teabags, but that's not the point. This was one of the little gifts in my Christmas stocking and the mug was a gift from a friend,...everyone knows I love a cup of tea and when it's made with something this cute it just adds to the pleasure. 

Happy Scrapping

May Challenge 10/15


  1. Loving that 'Pug in a mug'! Great use of the this idea of making a photo album. I usually use Snapfish for them

  2. Thanks Chidkid, I'll check out Snapfish.

  3. I have that pug! goat scrubbing sounds interesting...glad you enjoyed it.

  4. I'm sure the use of multiple fonts is just an upgrade or 2 away. But it's still cute as is. Love your little tea infuser, definitely more fun than my little mesh ball.