Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Boxing Clever

Like all crafters I'm an absolute terror when it comes to stationary and storage. Sometimes I buy pieces and sometimes I make them. This is one of those times when I wanted a small storage piece for my mini stapler and mini fold-back clips that I'm always losing in some drawer or other. So, I decided to make one. I dug into my alterables and this is what I've come up with.

The base started life as a Domino box from The Works, for the frugal sum of 50p. I inked the upper box edge and end edge of the lid, before covering the box in paper from the Papermania Folk Floral paper pack. I added beads from one of my bargain strands as feet. Lastly, I glued a double layer of mountboard to the centre of the lid, to bring it up to the level of the box edge. 

The drawer section was another bargain from The Works, this time slightly more at £1.50. Again, I inked the front edges and covered the outer box in Folk Floral paper. I only covered the drawer fronts, as they were a snug fit and covering the sides would have made them stick. Lastly I glued the base of the drawer set to the mountboard on the centre of the lid. With the lid on it looks like a solid piece, but the whole lid can still slide off to reveal the extra storage in the base, perfect for my mini stapler and supplies. 

To give it a little resilience I've given it a coat of Mod Podge, but it's not a necessity. I love finding new uses for the Domino and Pick-up-sticks boxes, as they're a cheap project to experiment with. You can see a few of  my previous altered box efforts here and here.

Now, to catch up on my TV....Colony is calling. 

Happy Scrapping.

May Challenge 2/15

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