Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Bagging a Bargain

I've been having a little sort out of my craft supplies, which is almost as much fun as using them. While moving stuff around I discovered an old paper bag album which I posted here and that just got me fired up to make another mini.... so, off to The Works and these were the result......a pack of four really sturdy paper bags. They are great quality, perfect for a paper bag album and a bargain at £1 the pack. I just wish they did other sizes as I fancy making a mixed size album.....maybe I'll mix it up completely and use chipboard and envelopes too.....hmmmm.

The second bargain of the week is another charm pack from eBay. These metal love charms are approximately 3cm long, perfect for my little altered boxes and great for those layout embellishment clusters. I bought these on a 'buy it now' price of 99p with free postage.

Happy Scrapping.

I made it! The May Challenge of 15 posts, it's by the skin of my teeth, but I made it. 

Monday, 30 May 2016

Anniversary American Style

While putting together this digital layout today I struggled to find a card for the centre square.Then I realised I can effectively make my own filler cards for the Project Life app.

This is how I made the centre heart in this layout: I created a word cloud and saved it to the camera roll on my iPad. Then it was just a matter of adding it as I would a photo to my Project Life app layout. It's so simple I can't believe I haven't thought of it before.

There are quite a few word cloud apps available, I've used Wordificator, which is a free app and has quite a few font options, colours and cloud shapes. You can then export the resulting cloud as an image. These are definitely going to crop up on more layouts, both digital and paper based.

Happy Scrapping

May Challenge 14/15

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Sketchy Sunday no. 113

I'm an active member on several scrapbooking forums and one of those subjects that always pops up is, ' What can I do with my half used alpha sets?' Be they stickers or chipboard, we all have those odd alphas hidden in our stash. I previously came up with a sketch to use some of them up here, but as I have loads left, another sketch was in order. So, here we have it, Sketch No. 113.

I've picked out the title in the alphas, use a colour or glitter to make them stand proud from the alpha crowd on your layout. For a little extra personal touch add some shaped brads or other embellishments in with the alphas  ..,...yes, I fell prey to the shaped brad craze too. some of them do sneak onto my layouts and mini albums though.

Now I'm off to catch up with my Sunday movie watching.

Happy Scrapping and enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend

May Challenge 13/15

Movies watched this week:

The Hateful Eight - Tarantino western
Thw Intern - touching comedy drama
Battle Los Angeles - Sci-Fi alien invasion 

Saturday, 28 May 2016

AnD so it Begins...

Another day, another mini.....that's right after I spent some time going through my albums I discovered a few of my older minis that hadn't made it onto my blog. This was my first effort at a paper bag album and having rediscovered it I want to make another more girlie one and try out my improved skills.

The theme of this album was the start of Ray's career and the adverts and short films he made. The cover has clues in the embellishments to each of the films in the album, an idea I really like. There's some interesting stories and photos in this mini and having looked through it I know there's some that I need to scrap as layouts to document the full adventure.....filming in Morocco, driving through mountains, meeting a Bedouin in the Sahara and lunching seated on sumptuous silk cushions in a Bedouin tent on the edge of the desert.

I used some American Crafts chipboard pieces topped with mini letter stickers as tag pulls and a ribbon tie acts as a closure. 

The tags have a little journaling about each image on the back and the bag pockets hold large tags with photos and longer stories.

You might recognise Keith Duffy and Steve Pound on these tags, we were lucky enough to have them star in one of Ray's short films called The Gift.... they're great guys. 

There you have it, a little scrappy blast from the past.

Happy Scrapping

May Challenge 12/15

Friday, 27 May 2016

44.....and then some

With my birthday looming I was taking a look at some of my old albums and stumbled across this little mini album, which I don't think I've shared here before. I make quite a few minis and this one is a chipboard album made to hold the photos from my 44th birthday. I went for some heavy glittering including the edges of the large flower which was from a Costco scrapbook kit.

As to the book cover, nothing has changed with me and bling, I loved it then and love it now....when in doubt BLING IT! It's a motto I live by or at least scrap by.

You might notice the little pearls on the edge of each page, this stops the pages rubbing together too much and damaging the photos. 

This year they'll definitely be another mini and as it's the big 50 I plan to do a year long project using the Project Life app to create pages for each week. My half century seems a good time to do another yearly project.

Now, Ray has just popped a cuppa down beside me, so time to settle back for a bit of telly watching.

Happy Scrapping

May Challenge 11/15

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Goat Scrubbers the sequel

OK, goat scrubbing may not be everyone's idea of a fun day out, but this girl loved it. If you've been paying attention you'll have seen the first of my Goat Scrubbers layouts and this is the companion page. As before, I put this together using the Project Life app with a filler card from the School Themed Card set. I stuck with the black background to give the photos pop. The title works, although I would have preferred to mix the font sizes. Currently you can't use a mix of fonts or font sizes on the same journaling card, obviously I could add the text in Photoshop, but that kind of defeats the object of using the app. So, for now I'm content with sticking to one font per card.

I'm loving these layouts and a printed photo book is definitely in my future, once I have enough completed. Any photo-book recommendations are much appreciated. I think I'll go for a 8 x 8 or thereabouts, to keep it nice and neat.

Now, for an extra little share today......I snapped this picture with Ray's iPhone 6 this morning to celebrate the first use of my 'Pug in a Mug' tea infuser....I admit this was due to me running out of teabags, but that's not the point. This was one of the little gifts in my Christmas stocking and the mug was a gift from a friend,...everyone knows I love a cup of tea and when it's made with something this cute it just adds to the pleasure. 

Happy Scrapping

May Challenge 10/15

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sketchy Sunday no. 112

It's Sunday and that can only mean one thing....it's sketch time. I'm loving a distressed look with this one. I recently became the proud owner of a Tim Holtz (all hail) Paper Distresser, courtesy of the lovely Ray and any excuse to use it is a good excuse as far as I'm concerned. Talking of the man himself, have you got his app? It's a must have if you like his style. 

Enough with the delay, here it is......sketch 112.

As always I'd love to see your creations if you've been inspired by any of the sketches. I hope like me you have a little time to craft today, but for now I'm off for a walk around my local park, with the camera in tow of course.

Happy Scrapping

Movies watched this week:

X-Men - again and great fun
Room - dark, but uplifting psychological thriller
Woman in Gold - true art story, surprisingly engaging
Curse of the Crimson Alter - Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee horror

May Challenge 9/15

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Love Change..

Change is a good thing, but sometimes it can be a little scary. This project was inspired by recent major changes where I work and the realisation that change is not easy for everyone.

For the base I used a Happy Shopper matchbox, I've found these to be the sturdiest. I covered the box and drawer with Trimcraft A Beautiful Life papers, a recent bargain find, and decorated the top with pearls and resin flowers from the same design line. The frame and butterfly charm are a couple of my eBay purchases and I added one of my handmade pearl and wire flourishes with some paper flowers to secure the wire ends. 

For the plaque I cut a piece of chipboard to fit inside the matchbox and covered the front in fine gold glitter. The butterfly was cut using an Xcut butterfly die and some glitter paper. Once adhered to the plaque I gave the whole thing a coat of Gloss Mod Podge, I always use the gloss for glitter projects as it doesn't dampen the sparkle. The words I printed and cut and added to the plaque before giving it a generous coat of Anita's 3d gloss and leaving it to dry on a level surface overnight......do not prod it until the morning. Once dry I covered the back of the plaque in paper and added the year in a glitter font.

To finish, I hand-cut a small easel from die packaging, it's a good firm plastic, but you could cut one from cardstock. The plaque and the easel fit neatly in the box making it a pretty little gift project....unfortunately, I find it difficult to part with these so I'm building up a little collection, but I will try to gift more.

I've already picked up another box from my local newsagent, so it's just a case of what theme for the next one.

Happy Scrapping

May Challenge 9/15

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Who ya gonna call .....Goat Scrubbers

In an effort to catch up on all those photos that have been languishing on my hard drive, I've taken to creating these quick layouts on the bus to work. I'll still be scrapping some of these traditionally, with papers and the like, but it's great being able to knock one of these out and revisit these memories in the meantime.

This is the first of two pages to show the best pics from a day out at Tropical Wings, but I thought I'd share this one and post the second when it's done. The second page will concentrate on the goat scrubbing aspect. There are brushes at the enclosure and the goats bully their way to the front for a good scrubbing.

I used a journaling card from the School Themed Card set, which was free on the last upgrade and a font that comes with the Project Life app. Just for a change I opted for the black background as a couple of the photos have very soft colouring and I thought it gave them more of a pop. 

Now for a little bargain....I picked up these label drawer pulls, four for £1.49. These are from eBay, I just couldn't find them anywhere else in the size I was after. Delivery time wasn't too bad even though they came from China and it was free postage, so worth a look. 

If I could find large enough matchboxes the handles would be perfect for them. If not, I'm thinking they'll work well on an Ikea drawer set, I'm not sure if they still do the two or four drawer versions, but if not I can mix and match with some other handles for a more ecletic look. 

That's it for today, enjoy the rest of the day and thanks for taking the time to visit.

Happy Scrapping. 

May Challenge 8/15

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sketchy Sunday no.111

I've had a full on day today and so I'm a bit late in posting this week's sketch, but I've managed to catch up and come up with this little number.

A darker background enhances a distressed edge on the larger paper layer and a large journaling tag gives you plenty of space for that all important story. I couldn't resist a couple of flourishes and some paper strips for extra texture. As is obvious by this sketch, I'm a big fan of the parenthesis shape and my nested die set is one of my most used. They make great journaling tags for mini books and layouts as well as interesting edges for layers. If you're in the market for a useful and versatile die set I'd recommend a parenthesis set. 

Now for a completely unscrappy bargain.... I picked up two Blurays today in £land, Woman in Black and Season of the Witch, both fun watchable movies. They had a few other titles including the magnificent The King's Speech, definitely worth a look if you're a movie buff. 

So, that's enough encouraging you to splurge......as if you needed any encouragement.

Happy Scrapping

May Challenge 7/15

Movies I watched this week:

The Survivalist - apocalyptic drama
Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apolcalypse - fun zombie silliness
X-Men First Class - Superhero action
Jaws - again! the one and only
Mystery Men - superhero comedy

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

We all like to be beside the seaside...

It took a number of years to convince my mum and dad to move from their London home, but once the decision was made they really took to it. They've made a new home in a gorgeous seaside town and enjoy a life of beach walks - when they're not building and decorating! It's lovely visiting them and well worth commemorating with an app layout. This visit last year started with meeting for a Harvester unlimited breakfast and then making a valiant effort to walk off the huge amount we'd consumed.....it didn't work! But it was worth it. 

For this layout I used filler cards from the Strawberry Edition set, that were free via the app. 

Now, for a bargain tip: I'm in the middle of making a mini plaque for a decorated matchbox and I was using quite an intricate die, which despite my best efforts just would not cut clean. Then I had a brainwave.....I'd bought some baking parchment for making my favourite banana breakfast cookies and I thought I'd try a piece in my die, with the cardstock on top. It worked an absolute dream. So, for a bargain price of £2.25 I've got 10m of essential Waitrose baking parchment or as I now call it, Die Cut Release Paper. 

Happy Scrapping

May Challenge 6/15

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sketchy Sunday no. 110

As regular readers will know I've recently fallen prey to the Project Life app. I've dabbled in digital elements previously, but only as an add-on to my layouts, I've never felt the urge to progress to digital scrapbooking. Now, the reason I started with the app was that I needed to come up with extra subject matter for blog posts. I joined in the blog challenge of 21 posts in April on 2peasrefugees and as I'm a bit of a slow scrapper, I knew I wasn't able to complete layouts for all those posts. Anyway, I got the bug and although I have no desire to progress any further into digital scrapping, I do love the app layouts and they have inspired this week's sketch.

As in the app, I've stuck to regular shapes, but using paper enables me to twist those shapes and layer up over embellishments, in this case a ton of paper flowers. I'm a big fan of multi-image pages, especially for occasions as I love the sense of action and atmosphere they can create. I see this one as perfect for a park day out or change those flowers to baubles or snowflakes for something a little more festive. 

Happy Scrapping

May Challenge 5/15

Movies I've watched this week:

The Lady in the Van -  true story drama  
Trainwreck - saucy romantic comedy
Mr Poppers Penguins - cute family comedy
Elysium - Sci-Fi action thriller with Matt Damon
Captain America: Civil War - superhero action 
Crimson Peak - ghostly period drama

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Chick Magnet

The sun is shining and I'm itching to get on with a spot of crafting. I've started work on my matchbox, you may have noticed it on the desk on my previous post. I also want to start another layout. I may have go at the DCWV May challenge....talking of which and briefly blowing my own trumpet, my layout made the Top 10 in April's challenge. Checkout the latest challenge and previous months Top 10 here.

In the meantime, I've put together another app layout. This one tells the story of my father-in-law's brief stint as a parent to two Blue Tit chicks. He really was devoted to them, getting up in the middle of the night, so it was a story worth telling.

I finally bit the bullet and bought an extra set of layout templates within the app. For the princely sum of 79p I got ten new layout options, one of these I used for this layout. I selected a journaling card from the Strawberry Edition for the story in the centre and the font is one of the standard that comes with the app.

Happy Scrapping

May Challenge 4/15

Wednesday, 4 May 2016


If you're on route from another desk, hi there fellow desk hopper and if you're just popping by and you want to know more about this desk hopping business check out http://stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk/ for the details.

Here's a quick snap of my desk. You can see the start of an altered matchbox and my little lunch box full of my latest bargains. Next to that you have some cardstock and the stacks I'm thinking of using for a paper bag album, hence the paper bags on top. I was also decanting some mini wooden buttons from their split packet into the little spice bottle, which is now waiting on a home. The other altered box on the desk is a previous project that I use for my manicure supplies, I needed an emery board, so I left it out on the desk.,,,,messy pup!

Enjoy having a snoop at the other desks, you'll find them listed on the Stamping Ground link above.

Happy Scrapping

May Challenge 3/15

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Boxing Clever

Like all crafters I'm an absolute terror when it comes to stationary and storage. Sometimes I buy pieces and sometimes I make them. This is one of those times when I wanted a small storage piece for my mini stapler and mini fold-back clips that I'm always losing in some drawer or other. So, I decided to make one. I dug into my alterables and this is what I've come up with.

The base started life as a Domino box from The Works, for the frugal sum of 50p. I inked the upper box edge and end edge of the lid, before covering the box in paper from the Papermania Folk Floral paper pack. I added beads from one of my bargain strands as feet. Lastly, I glued a double layer of mountboard to the centre of the lid, to bring it up to the level of the box edge. 

The drawer section was another bargain from The Works, this time slightly more at £1.50. Again, I inked the front edges and covered the outer box in Folk Floral paper. I only covered the drawer fronts, as they were a snug fit and covering the sides would have made them stick. Lastly I glued the base of the drawer set to the mountboard on the centre of the lid. With the lid on it looks like a solid piece, but the whole lid can still slide off to reveal the extra storage in the base, perfect for my mini stapler and supplies. 

To give it a little resilience I've given it a coat of Mod Podge, but it's not a necessity. I love finding new uses for the Domino and Pick-up-sticks boxes, as they're a cheap project to experiment with. You can see a few of  my previous altered box efforts here and here.

Now, to catch up on my TV....Colony is calling. 

Happy Scrapping.

May Challenge 2/15

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sketchy Sunday no.109

It's Sunday and that can only mean it's time for another dose of sketchy inspiration. This week's sketch is a bit of a selfish one as I have two photos that I really want to scrap, but every time I've got them out in the past it's never worked out and I've moved on to a different subject matter. This time around I thought a little planning was in order and a sketch seemed a good idea. Far be it for me to continue with the selfish streak and keep it to myself......So, here it is sketch no. 109.

The great thing about the sketches, now that I have the Silhouette Cameo, is that the font I choose for the sketch I can actually cut my title with as well. Of course if you don't have an electronic cutter then you can still use the same font by printing out your journaling, which is why I've kept the story in one piece. On this sketch I used the font 'Master of Break' for the title and date, which is available from Dafont....as are loads of other great fonts for scrappers.

Now for a shout out to 2peasrefugees, hosts of the recent April blog challenge. The last challenge proved pretty popular and has led to a new challenge. This time we're aiming for 15 posts in the month of May.....are you up for it?

So, that's me done for today. I've got a bit of crafting to do, but first there's the slap up lunch Ray is currently preparing, followed by strawberries and ice cream. 

Happy Scrapping

May Challenge 1/15

Movies watched this week:

The Lobster - Surreal love story.
Jerry McGuire - romance with the Cruiser.