Thursday, 28 April 2016

They Charmed me!

I don't spend a fortune on my crafting addiction and I actually really enjoy searching out a bargain, especially if it's something a little different. As I have a bit of a thing for matchboxes of late I'm always on the lookout for some embellishments on the smaller side....and this week I came up trumps.

First up are these lovely little clock charms. I have a soft spot for clocks and watch embellishments, so for the bargain price of 99p I had to have them. These are approximately 2cm tall, perfect for my matchboxes and mini books and small enough to use on a layout too.

Next up, some Halloween charms. I want to do a couple of spooky projects this year and these are perfect, again just 99p. Now, I just need to get some skull charms.

And finally, I wanted some dog related charms as I have plans for a gift project for my mum, who absolutely adores her dogs. These cute little charms are just 1cm, but really sweet and just 49p for all you see here. These charm packs were all purchased on Ebay, still a great place to spot charms.

My last bargain this week is from The Works and I love it. As well as watches and clocks I also have a thing for locks and keys.....well, to be honest most how perfect are these and yet again just £1. They and all the charms are metal, so not a cheap plastic and gorgeous for embellishing boxes, layouts and minibooks. 

So, that's it from me today, now I'm off to start searching for those skulls. 

Happy Scrapping. 

April Challenge 19/21


  1. Nice charms. They are fabulous.

  2. You got some good deals on these. I'll bet you can't wait to use them.

  3. Great bargains... where/how do you swap your matchboxes?