Friday, 29 April 2016

Coco loves Ray

Woohoo! holiday weekend and I couldn't wait to get home to start the break...judging by the traffic everyone else felt the same way.

Today's offering is another Project Life app layout, courtesy of this morning's bus journey to work. My mum and dad have three dogs and this shows just one of them, gorgeous Coco. She's an absolutely lovely girl and if I could take her home I would, in a heartbeat. She's full of character and a smart little thing, who has got the pleading eyes down pat.

On this layout, I used filler cards from the Kraft Edition set, another freebie with the app. I will buy some soon, it's just so difficult to choose they're all so lovely. I also want to buy another set of templates, but to be honest I think the best ones are those you get free with the app.

I leave you with a final picture of see what I mean about the eyes. This was the look we got as we were leaving to go home...she doesn't make it easy, but we love her. 

Happy Scrapping

April Challenge 20/21


  1. Adorable pup! Is that a kind of terrier? She looks a lot like my Yorkie!

    1. She's a Heinz variety, but there's definitely a fair amount of terrier in there, along with a smidge of everything else.

    2. WOW! She's the spitting image of my old dg Holly! She is almost identical.. we always thought she was part Yorkie, part border terrier. I wish I could send you a picture and you'd see what I mean. You're really getting to grips with that app!

    3. It's so easy to use Chidkid, I highly recommend it.

  2. Oh, Coco is adorable. Another great page!