Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sketchy Sunday no.103

It's a great week here at castle Chunka, with a new nephew to spoil and lots going on from a business standpoint. Exciting times for many reasons, but that doesn't mean the sketches fall by the wayside as I'm finding them more and more useful in getting my scrapping back on track. So here we have it.........Sketch no.103.


This simple layout can be used for two 6 x 4s or a mix of smaller sizes. I like using brackets to highlight my journaling and the stand out title could be embellished to create a busier design.This is the kind of sketch I come back to time and time again, yet the end result always looks different, spin the elements around or add embellishments and it's a dramatically different effect. 

As always, please post a link in the comments to your layouts inspired by any of the sketches, I love to see your take on them.

Happy Scrapping.

Movies watched this week:-

Ted 2 - raucous comedy
Regression - dark thriller
The Visit - creepy horror, with a dark humerous twist
The Lazarus Effect - sci-fi horror
Cop Car- thriller with the ever youthful Kevin Bacon
Riddick - sci-fi action
Where the Devil Hides - horror 


  1. I have to say , I probably woudn'y watch any of thoses ha ha not that keen om horror films ( even though i LOVE the walking dead!!) I saw Ted 1 but didnt really like it. I have only seen one this week and that was "The book thief" It was great but sad. Enjoy the rest of the weekend xx

    1. The Walking Dead is one of my all time fav shows and we generally watch a bit of everything, but we do seem to be going through a horror phase at the moment.

  2. what dreadful typo's - sorry

    1. I admit to having often had a touch of the finger trouble myself. X

  3. Fabulous sketch hun - love it! Just ready your bio - wow! Weight training for 30 years - amazing stuff!

  4. Yep that's me...small, but sturdy. x