Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sketchy Sunday no.101

It's that time of the week when I do my bit by posting a little scrappy inspiration and hopefully you've got some crafting time set aside to take full advantage of it. 

I recently had to move my craft area as we had to have a load of pipework replaced and I stumbled across loads of part used sticker sheets and chipboard sets. I'm sure all crafters have those and so I set myself the task of designing a sketch to use up those oddments........and here we have it, sketch no. 101.

Note the title hidden in the jumble - I've used colour to define it, but you could use style, texture or material. 

Happy Scrapping and Happy Mother's Day to all you mums. 

Movies I've watched this week:

Maggie - surprisingly touching zombie drama
Project Almanac - time travelling head twister
Mad Max Fury Road - post apocalyptic chaos
Hitman Agent 47 - humdrum game adaptation
White God - Hungarian doggy Spartacus 
Solace - morally ambiguous clairvoyant duel 


  1. Love the sketch-I am a bit slow and already running out of weekend, but will add it to my list. I am impressed with the amount of films you have got though this week- I managed Walter Mitty.

    1. Glad the sketch made the list Sue and yes, I'm a real movie addict. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I like this idea for using up letter stickers and how you defined it by color. I need to do this and get rid of some stickers.

    1. Thanks for visiting Catherine and please post a link if you make use of the sketch.