Thursday, 11 February 2016

Light up their life...

With hearts being a favourite of mine, I haven't needed much encouragement to come up with projects with a romantic theme for those last minute Valentine gifts.

This quick and simple illuminated message box makes a lovely love token or just a home d├ęcor piece. Why not create a stack of illuminated boxes for a longer message, once you’ve made one you’ll be addicted! 


The inner works

Night illumination

Now if you'd like to make your own version, here's the how.....

Take a small square lidless box  and cover with deep red patterned paper. Blend black ink along all the edges, blending in slightly to the centre of each panel. 

Top Tip: Blending ink around the edge and in towards the centre gives added depth to the design. 

Using the box as a guide cut a square of black cardstock 5cm larger than the box base. Score at 2.5cm  on all four sides. Cut along one of the 2.5cm score lines at each corner stopping at the intersecting score line to create tabs. Fold at the score lines and fit over the box base to check the lid size, unfold.

Centre your dies on the scored cardstock using a heart in place of the O and cut. 

Top Tip: Scoring the card first makes it easier to centre the dies on the black cardstock.

Adhere the tabs to the back of  adjacent sections to assemble your box lid, making sure it’s a snug fit for your box.

Cut a piece of velum to fit the inside of the box lid and glue in place.

Cut a piece of white cardstock to fit the interior bottom of the box and glue in place. This helps to reflect the light. 

Cit a piece of black cardstock 6cm longer than your box aperture and 4cm wide. Score at 3cm from each end. Fold at the score lines to create a shelf. Adhere the shelf inside the box with the edge flush with the box front edge and leaving just enough room for your battery pack to slide underneath. 

Thread your lights up behind the shelf and slide in the battery pack under the shelf. Loop the lights loosely and tape to the internal sides of the box easing the lights to face into the centre.

Switch on the lights and pop on the box lid for a glowing message that can be placed anywhere in the home. 

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Happy Scrapping.