Saturday, 13 February 2016

Gift a little love

Here's another of those Valentine projects I've been working on. Filled with your sweetheart’s favourite treats this one makes a lovely gift or, if you can’t bear to part with it, use it as pretty storage for your treasures. 

If you'd like to make your own version here's the how:

Take a cardboard box and cover the base inside and out with a patterned paper.

Cover the box lid in black cardstock. 

Top Tip: Keeping the lid plain with a patterned base, highlights the lid decoration. 

Sizing it so that it only just fits on the box lid, cut a heart shape from lightweight chipboard. Leave the edge a little rough, it adds to the texture of the project. 

Top Tip: keep notebook back covers, they’re a handy source of chipboard.

Scrunch up a couple of Deco sheets, use more if you’re decorating a large box. 

Coat the front of the heart generously in wet glue and apply the deco paper roughly, creating lots of texture. Use your fingers to push it around till you’re happy with the balance. Leave to dry completely.

Paint the heart with bronze paint using a stippling motion, ensuring you get into all the creases. Leave to dry.

Top Tip: To make a stippling brush, take a brush and trim down the bristles till they do not spread easily when pushed. 

Blend black ink around the edge of the heart, working it in towards the centre slightly. 

Glue the heart to the centre of the box lid. 

Fill with sweet treats for the one you love.

Shopping List

Tacky Glue (60ml)   PVA 22171
Pigment Ink Pad - Black     DOA 550105
Acrylic Paint (2oz) - Metallic Bronze      DOA 763105
12 x 12" Cardstock Bulk Pack (20 Sheets) - Black COR 00579
Bare Basics Nesting Boxes - Square (S/M/L)   PMA 174016
12 x 12" Paper Pack (36pk) - Capsule - Geometric Mono PMA 160238
Deco Sheets (3pcs) - Papier Patch - CC - Geometric Mono - Squares      PMA 169321

Happy Scrapping.