Monday, 29 February 2016

The PDT Last Hurrah!

Where did that six months go? The current term of the Docrafts Project Design Team is drawing to a close and in a last hurrah hop we're taking a look at our favourite makes from the past six months.

It's been a fun, inspiring and challenging time and I've been very lucky to have worked with such a talented and just plain lovely bunch of crafters. Along with the support of the great team at Docrafts, it's made for a wonderful experience and one I can highly recommend. Anyway, enough with the gushing....on with the project parade.

It was a difficult choice for me to select one project..... as it turns out, too difficult! There have been so many projects I've been smitten with, but for a number of reasons...not least hoardability....I'll always have a soft spot for my altered matchboxes. So, here's my pick, the set (I know it's a little cheat) of altered matchboxes and plaques. They're small, glittery and some even jingle! Basically, everything I love in tiny packages.

Festive from the front.......


Now here's the rest of the team, so have fun and leave them some love. 

Michelle- YOU ARE HERE

Happy Scrapping.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Turn of the Century

The day has arrived (insert suitably rousing fanfare) the century has been reached and here for your predilection is sketch 100......and it's in colour.

Now, I can’t let this momentous occasion pass without marking it in some way, so I’m giving away a crafty prize. To be in with a chance of grabbing the prize just create a project based on one of the 100 sketches and add a link to your creation. The closing date for entries is Monday 14th March and the winner will be drawn at random by my gorgeous assistant Ray.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Sketchy Sunday no. 99

I can't quite believe I'm at sketch no. 99. When I started this series I thought I'd just try and create a few months sketches, as a way of making sure I got into posting regularly and to keep my mojo flowing. I hoped some of you might find them useful too and there have been a few scrappers who have been kind enough to mention that one of the sketches gave them a starting point, that's always lovely to hear.

Anyway, let's get on with the main event...... here's this weeks sketch, which happens to be one I'm using at the moment, so hopefully I'll post a layout sometime soon.....regular visitors know 'soon' can mean anything from a day to several months, but fingers crossed it's nearer the day.

And for the cute factor this week......

Ray sent me his enhanced version of this photo of a friendly and brave rodent I met at the local Pets at Home store.

Happy Scrapping.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sketchy Sunday 98 .....with love

Happy Valentine's Day, I wish you a day of love and romance, but for when the day is done and you want to document those sweet memories there's always sketch no.98 to help you along the way. 

Sticking with the love theme, here's the last of my Valentine projects. This one is another box - I've only just realised they've all been box projects! - but this time it's a decor piece which can be made in any size, a large one would make a really fun romantic statement.

Happy Scrapping. 

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Gift a little love

Here's another of those Valentine projects I've been working on. Filled with your sweetheart’s favourite treats this one makes a lovely gift or, if you can’t bear to part with it, use it as pretty storage for your treasures. 

If you'd like to make your own version here's the how:

Take a cardboard box and cover the base inside and out with a patterned paper.

Cover the box lid in black cardstock. 

Top Tip: Keeping the lid plain with a patterned base, highlights the lid decoration. 

Sizing it so that it only just fits on the box lid, cut a heart shape from lightweight chipboard. Leave the edge a little rough, it adds to the texture of the project. 

Top Tip: keep notebook back covers, they’re a handy source of chipboard.

Scrunch up a couple of Deco sheets, use more if you’re decorating a large box. 

Coat the front of the heart generously in wet glue and apply the deco paper roughly, creating lots of texture. Use your fingers to push it around till you’re happy with the balance. Leave to dry completely.

Paint the heart with bronze paint using a stippling motion, ensuring you get into all the creases. Leave to dry.

Top Tip: To make a stippling brush, take a brush and trim down the bristles till they do not spread easily when pushed. 

Blend black ink around the edge of the heart, working it in towards the centre slightly. 

Glue the heart to the centre of the box lid. 

Fill with sweet treats for the one you love.

Shopping List

Tacky Glue (60ml)   PVA 22171
Pigment Ink Pad - Black     DOA 550105
Acrylic Paint (2oz) - Metallic Bronze      DOA 763105
12 x 12" Cardstock Bulk Pack (20 Sheets) - Black COR 00579
Bare Basics Nesting Boxes - Square (S/M/L)   PMA 174016
12 x 12" Paper Pack (36pk) - Capsule - Geometric Mono PMA 160238
Deco Sheets (3pcs) - Papier Patch - CC - Geometric Mono - Squares      PMA 169321

Happy Scrapping. 

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Light up their life...

With hearts being a favourite of mine, I haven't needed much encouragement to come up with projects with a romantic theme for those last minute Valentine gifts.

This quick and simple illuminated message box makes a lovely love token or just a home d├ęcor piece. Why not create a stack of illuminated boxes for a longer message, once you’ve made one you’ll be addicted! 


The inner works

Night illumination

Now if you'd like to make your own version, here's the how.....

Take a small square lidless box  and cover with deep red patterned paper. Blend black ink along all the edges, blending in slightly to the centre of each panel. 

Top Tip: Blending ink around the edge and in towards the centre gives added depth to the design. 

Using the box as a guide cut a square of black cardstock 5cm larger than the box base. Score at 2.5cm  on all four sides. Cut along one of the 2.5cm score lines at each corner stopping at the intersecting score line to create tabs. Fold at the score lines and fit over the box base to check the lid size, unfold.

Centre your dies on the scored cardstock using a heart in place of the O and cut. 

Top Tip: Scoring the card first makes it easier to centre the dies on the black cardstock.

Adhere the tabs to the back of  adjacent sections to assemble your box lid, making sure it’s a snug fit for your box.

Cut a piece of velum to fit the inside of the box lid and glue in place.

Cut a piece of white cardstock to fit the interior bottom of the box and glue in place. This helps to reflect the light. 

Cit a piece of black cardstock 6cm longer than your box aperture and 4cm wide. Score at 3cm from each end. Fold at the score lines to create a shelf. Adhere the shelf inside the box with the edge flush with the box front edge and leaving just enough room for your battery pack to slide underneath. 

Thread your lights up behind the shelf and slide in the battery pack under the shelf. Loop the lights loosely and tape to the internal sides of the box easing the lights to face into the centre.

Switch on the lights and pop on the box lid for a glowing message that can be placed anywhere in the home. 

Shopping List - Docrafts products

Tacky Glue (60ml)   PVA 22171
Pigment Ink Pad - Black     DOA 550105
12 x 12" Cardstock Bulk Pack (20 Sheets) - Black COR 00579
6 x 6" Vellum Pack (10pk) - Pocket Full of Posies    PMA 162911
Bare Basics
Nesting Boxes - Square (S/M/L)   PMA 174016

Happy Scrapping. 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sketchy Sunday no.97

Love is in the air, so of course this week's sketch has to be a heart themed one. Perfect for that one special, romantic photo, this sketch would work both for a subtle mix of patterns as well as the traditional pink and reds of the Valentine season. Again I've gone for some misting and layering, this time with the layered hearts over a distressed background.

Now, a thank you is in order to Susan at Ukscrappers for the Sketchy Sunday mention, it really is much appreciated. 

So, that's it for today, I'm off to crash in front of the telly as I've already hit the gym. Pop by later in the week for another Valentine project to light up your lover's life......and yes, that's a clue!

Happy Scrapping. 

I love to box.....SCORE!

As promised, here's the scoring template for the snickers box on yesterday's post. Once you're scored your card, cut along the short horizontal score lines to the intersecting line (1") to create tabs, and assemble your box.

If you do make your own version please post a link in a comment as it's always fun to see what you've come up with. 

Happy Scrapping.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

I love to box....

It's true, I do like making boxes and Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to get my box groove on. I made these two little love tokens, obviously for Ray, but as he's a generous soul I know he won't mind me sharing. The Snickers box has the tag 'I'm NUTS about you' and the Ferrero Rocher tag says 'Be my sweetheart'.

I decorated both boxes using Papermania's Geometric Mono papers and punched some hearts from glitter paper and card to decorate both boxes. The Ferrero Rocher box also has a heart padlock and key from the Xcut Lock and Keys die set, a favourite of mine. The hearts and printed tags are all mounted on foam pads. Tomorrow I'll post a scoring template, so you can make your own version of the Snickers box.

Lastly, I couldn't resist sharing this photo my sister-in-law sent me of her lovely dog Pepper, as always she's glued to her favourite programme Supervet.

Happy Scrapping.