Saturday, 30 January 2016

Me and my shadow......

It's here! The long awaited shadow box is finally finished. I made a great start on this a couple of weeks ago and then the little things like work and life just conspired to stop me finishing it - oh for the life of a full time crafter.....we can dream!

Anyway, enough excuses, here it is in all its illuminated glory.

This little number started life as a Bare Basics 8 x 8 Shadow Box. A pack of Gorjuss papers later and a cheapie set of battery lights and there we have it. If you'd like a little more detail on how the transformation was completed then read on......

The How To....

1. Remove the outer frame and acetate liner. Arrange the inner boxes to your design.

2. Except for one large box, line all the individual boxes, bringing the paper over the box edge.

3. To make the line of hearts at the front of a box - Cut a narrow strip of the acetate 2" longer than a box opening. Fold the strip over a box front gluing down the overlapping edges. Add hearts to the strip at the front of the box. Glue the top two rows of boxes into the shadow box.

4. Make a simple lid with 1" sides for the long box. Before assembling the lid die-cut or hand-cut your message. Line the inside front of the lid with a piece of vellum. Tape a battery set of lights into the large box and pop on the lid.

5. Slide the final two boxes into the shadow box, DO NOT glue in place. This is so you can easily switch off the lights or replace the batteries.

6.Take a small empty wire or cotton reel and glue it to the centre of the middle box. Blend a little black ink lightly around the edge of the heart and then glue to the top of the reel.

7. Take the acetate and cut several 2" x 1" pieces. Fold each piece in half to create a 1" square. Unfold and adhere a photo or die-cut to one flap and apply glue to the other flap and adhere inside your chosen box. Build up scenes in each box using the acetate brackets.

8. To create the centre heart, cut two hearts from cardstock and glue together. Coat one side of the heart generously in wet glue and adhere a deco sheet scrunching it as you go to create lots of texture. Once dry, stipple with bronze paint and leave to dry.

9. Lastly, cover the back and sides of the exterior box. Stand back and admire your work.

Happy Scrapping.


  1. its GORGEOUS!! well done finding time to complete it. i love the "foever" box with the lights :)

  2. Hi this is stunning I love all the details. Hugs Jackie

  3. Brilliant the details....Joolsx

  4. What a fabulous piece of work - just love it!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Alizabethy.

  5. Your box turned out superb! Love the little details, great job!