Saturday, 31 December 2016

I shop Couture!

I've recently been lucky enough to receive a selection of products from the new Couture-du-jour collection from Trimcraft. So, in a fit of girly inspiration I set about creating this quick had to be quick as there was too much Christmas celebrating to be done and I was already hampered by getting the dreaded lurgy.

It started life as a 7"x 5" card blank, but as I'm not a prolific card-maker I decided a mini was the way to go. I added some gorgeous tags popped out of the decoupage pad from the same design line - they're lovely and sparkly. I used my bargain A Beautiful Life brads from £land as a closure and more decoupage elements to decorate the front. It's a sweet gift album, perfect for documenting a special visit.

If you'd like to make your own version you can find detailed instructions on my Trimcraft gallery

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the build up to an amazing 2017.

Happy Scrapping. 

Thursday, 15 December 2016

A Mosaic of Makes.

I've finished another Project Life app layout showcasing my Trimcraft DT kit creations. Of course, it was completed on my morning commute......OK, I admit there may have been a little tweaking at lunchtime, but it was mainly done on the bus.

You can see instructions for these projects on my Trimcraft gallery along with some more images. 

My latest and possibly last creations from this kit were a tag and matching ATC. I used the Deck the Halls 6" x 6" paper pad, some gold glitter cardstock and the Christmas Foliage die set. 

I didn't have much left from this little paper pad, but I made the most of the scraps I had with a paper patchwork. To finish them off I just added a thin glitter border...after all, it's Christmas!

Happy Scrapping

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Sketchy Sunday no.140

Can you believe it's only two weeks 'til Christmas? Luckily I have it mostly....OK, fairly under control. The presents are just waiting to be wrapped with only a few left to pick up and the cupboards are stocked with mini stollen (thank you Lidl), as well as lots of other sweet treats not normally allowed across the threshold...Mmmmm Fluff, Pringles and dip, my personal weaknesses.

Enough about my festive nibbles here's what you've probably stopped by for... Sketch no. 140.

This sketch is designed for 3" x 3" images on 3.5" mats, great for festive memories, when there's always loads of photo opportunities.

Talking sketches, I used last week's as the inspiration for this 8" x 8" layout using the Jingle Bells paper pack from Trimcraft. The little tree die is also from Trimcraft, one of the new line of mini dies - they're dangerously collectible...I should know! Mercifully they're only £2.50 each. 

Now, if you're putting together a pressie for a crafty friend here's a fab bargain I picked up in Poundland earlier this week. They also had the Life is Beautiful paper packs, frames and resin flowers, all Trimcraft products. 

Happy Scrapping

Movies watched this week:-

The Boss - Melissa McCarthy comedy.
Columbo:Murder Under Glass - Peter Falk, genius.
Columber:The Bye-Bye Sky-High IQ Murder Case - Peter Falk, more genius.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sketchy Sunday no. 139

After much pampering, a certain amount of deleting and my muttering threats of crushing, my laptop is feeling much better, for how long who knows...he's knocking on and it may just be fear keeping him going.

Now I'm back on the tech road we can resume business as usual, so here we have it, sketch no. 139.

I've used this sketch for a 8"x 8" scrapbook page using my Trimcraft Jingle Bells papers, I'll be posting that later in the week. 

In the meantime, I hope you're Christmas preparations are going to plan.

Happy Scrapping

Movies watched this week:

Now You See Me 2 - fun, magical thriller
Money Monster - Clooney, say no more.
The Night Before - comedy Christmas bromance
Gods of Egypt - watchable nonsense with Gerard Butler

Friday, 2 December 2016

All Kitted Out!

As part of Trimcrafts Design Team I am lucky enough to receive kits filled to the brim with crafting goodies. I received my first parcel a little while ago and you'll have seen a couple of pics of that and some of my projects made from the kit, on previous posts. There are more on my Trimcraft gallery.

To document just how inspired I was by those lovely goodies I thought I'd knock up one of my Project Life app, here it is.

I really like the idea of creating a page showing the projects from each kit, so I may well continue to do this for my term on the team. 

It seems I've created a craft spiral, crafts from crafts!

Happy Scrapping

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Not Sketchy Sunday!

Unfortunately my laptop is poorly, so I'm unable to post a sketch today. Instead, as a follow up to last Sunday's festive project, I'm sharing this frosty door hanger.

I picked up the wooden blank in Hobbycraft and used products from my Trimcraft DT kit to decorate. The 'JOY' I designed myself and cut on my Cameo.

Hopefully next week will find my laptop fully recovered and a new sketch ready for some seasonal scrapping.

Happy Scrapping

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Although I'm in the throes of Christmas projects, today's commute was devoted to creating this layout on my iPad, using the Project Life app. I'm not affiliated with the app in any way I just think it's a great little tool for scrappers and worth giving a shout out. These style layouts make it easy for me to use lots of photos in super quick time and that's always good for me.

I wanted to capture the Halloween decor, which we made a special effort with this year and I'm sure we'll do so again. I cut the bats on my Cameo 2 and Ray carved the pumpkin. The hat you will recognise from a previous post and I displayed it on a cheap wooden candlestick.

And because I just can't keep it to myself, look what arrived from's my new DT kit and it's HUGE!

Happy Scrapping

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Sketchy Sunday no. 138

Well, Christmas is definitely on its way and my crafting is in a distinctly frosty phase. Check out the new top hat at the end of this post. In the meantime, if you're a regular Sunday visitor, here's this week's dose of scrappy inspiration.....sketch no.138. 

And if you've decided to check out the frosty top hat, here it is in all it's twinkly glory. I used the same pattern as my Halloween hat, but this time I went for a festive icy design with plenty of glitter.


I used the acetate strips for snowflakes instead of bats and framed a glittery JOY instead of a skull. 

I designed the JOY cut file and have used it in several sizes on a couple of projects. Those welded words are so easy to do on the Cameo. All the products are Trimcraft -  love those icy coloured gems and the new mini dies are gorgeous, as you can see from the snowflakes and the little Christmas tree. 

Enjoy your Christmas build up and pop by for more festive projects later in the week. 

Happy Scrapping

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Naughty or Nice?

I can never make enough treat boxes and after the Halloween versions were a hit with visitors, I had to come up with some Christmas themed treats too.

Of course, the naughty or nice theme was perfect as my favourite Thorntons Liquorice toffee is a sweet substitute for coal for the not so very naughty, more a tad mischievous really and the ambassador's favourite is always popular with the nice crowd..

So here we have the Naughty version made with the Simply Creative Jingle Bells paper pad and black cardstock.

And with the toffee coal

For the Nice version I used the Simple Creative Frosted Winter paper pad and white cardstock. 

Oh ambassador, you're spoiling us!

For detailed instructions check out my gallery at Trimcraft.

Happy Scrapping

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Sketchy Sunday no.137

It's a busy day today, visits from friends and polishing off a few Christmas projects....more on those at a later date. So, I'm keeping it short and it is sketch no. 137...I did say short and sweet!

Happy Scrapping

Movies watched this week:-

Black Mass - True crime drama
A Walk in the Woods - True life golden years gentle comedy
Columbo; Negative Reaction - The inimitable Peter Falk solves another crime

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Christmas is coming.........and I love it.

I love advent calendars, so when thinking what project to do next with my Trimcraft design team kit a new advent was an easy choice.

Rather than add to my ever growing display of standing advents, I went for a fun garland design. This one is great for our favourite Haribo mini bags. It's basically a string of matchbook style pockets on a ribbon strand. For full instructions visit my post in the Trimcraft gallery.

I think I'm going to have to lay off the advents for this year as I'm not sure Ray can cope with any more sweets. I on the other hand......need I say more.  

Happy Scrapping

Monday, 7 November 2016

Just Fun

Another bus ride, another layout........I'm under no illusions about the quality of some of these photos, but not all photos we take are pin sharp or perfectly composed and that shouldn't stop us using them. 

This style of scrapping somehow makes it easier to use those less than perfect images, maybe it's just because it's so works for me. So, if all I have is a couple of dodgy photos of a moment I want to remember, they are what I'll use rather than not remember it at all and sometimes those blurry images add to the story... that's the case with one of my photos from my wedding as shown below and this one was scrapped traditional style too. 

This is such a lovely image for me, despite it being blurry - the reason it's not pin sharp is because I was laughing so much as I was taking it, as my wedding day was so much fun.

Happy Scrapping

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sketchy Sunday no.136

Like all papercrafters, I always end up with a huge number of scraps. Some are such lovely papers I just can't bring myself to throw them away. So, in an effort to use some of my favourites up, I decided to focus this week's sketch on using up those scraps and here we have it.............sketch no. 136.

I've based this sketch on a single 6" x 4" image, another thing I always have lurking around my craft area. Now, I  just have to pick out my fav scraps and have fun mixing and matching. 

Happy Scrapping

Movies I watched this week:-
Horror Express - Hammer style monster movie
Pet Semetary - Tragic, creepy horror.
Last Shift - Suspenseful ghost story.
Stage Fright - musical horror.
Doctor Strange - Marvel magical superhero adventure.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Sketchy Sunday no.135

Happy Halloween weekend. If you're anything like me you'll love any excuse for some seasonal crafting and that's why my lounge wall currently has a swoop of cardstock bats flying across it, cut on my Cameo 2 yesterday morning. Once the pumpkin is carved our display will be complete and then come the photos, which leads me neatly to this week's sketch. 

Now, I know this doesn't look like a spooky sketch, but how about swapping those hearts for spiders, add a couple of webs..... It's Halloween! Mwaaahaha......

Happy Scrapping

Movies watched this week:

Survivor - thriller
The Omen: The Final Conflict - the completion of the trilogy
Urban Legend - teen horror

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

I know it's not December, but......

Christmas is coming and as it's been a little while since I posted one, it's obviously time for another altered Domino box. This time around I've been playing with my Trimcraft goodies, namely the Deck The Halls 6"x 6" paper pad and Christmas Foliage dies. I've also been using silicon glue for the first time ever....a bit of a revelation.

I've used this one for a basic nail art kit, clippers, emery boards, beads, gems and a small bottle of varnish - so a nice little stocking filler. 

That's my Christmas crafting well on the road. I hope it's not too early for you. 

Happy Scrapping

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Sketchy Sunday no.134

It's been a great crafty Sunday for me, lots of projects on the go and posting this week's sketch is a fitting end. I've gone for a single 6"x4" image this week. So, here we have it sketch no. 134.

Happy Scrapping

Movies watched this week:-

Big Eyes - Fascinating true story
They Live -Classic Sci-Fi
The Salvation - Modern revenge western
10 Cloverfield Lane - Tense Sci-Fi thriller
Seventh Son - Fantasy adventure

Friday, 21 October 2016

Don't peak too soon!

I can't help it! My Christmas fever is taking hold and Halloween isn't even here yet. Ray said I must be careful not to peak too soon, but it's tricky not to get into full on festive mode when I have a kit full of Christmas goodies to play with. I'll have to do another spooky project to balance things out, but in the meantime I'll share the first of this year's Christmas minis.

This cute mini is just 10.5 x 10.5cm and still holds plenty of tags with room for all those festive memories. I used Trimcraft's Deck the Halls 6"x6" paper pack. These smaller size pads are a great way of getting all the patterns at a lower cost and still a perfect size for little mini albums and covering my favourite domino boxes......did I give the game away on an upcoming project?

I kept the interior fairly simple as lots of colourful Christmas photos won't need too much in the way of embellishments, but a bit of bling was bound to get in there. The four pocket pages each have a large tag pocket on the right and a small front pocket. If you want to see instructions for this project you can see them on Trimcraft's website here.

Happy Scrapping

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

I Love Christmas...

If you visited here last Christmas time you will know I love all things festive and any excuse to make a seasonal mini book or decor item is fine by me. I've been digging into my new Trimcraft kit which happens to be very Christmas's like they knew! This is the first project I've come up with. I don't make many cards, even Christmas ones, so this is a rare opportunity to see one here.

I used the Trimcraft First Edition A Christmas Story paper pad, new mini snowflake die set and Christmas foliage die set. 

The Merry Christmas glitter sentiment is from a set of embellishments, again Trimcraft, available at Hobbycraft at a reasonable £2.50.

I've already completed my first Christmas mini album of the year,  no doubt it will not be the last!

Happy Scrapping

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Sketchy Sunday no. 133

For this week's sketch I'm sticking with the ever popular 6" x 4" images. There's plenty of scope to make this one your own. If you have a bigger story to tell just use a journaling block instead of strips and your favourite mix and match patterns add interest to the simple design.

I've been crafting up a storm with my new stash this week, with cards, minis and boxes all on the go at once. I hope to be able to share some later in the week.

Finally, despite receiving a lovely pile of stash from Trimcraft I couldn't resist their new mini dies and had to pick up the set of three snowflakes dies. At £2.50 the set it was pretty much guilt free.....luckily! Although it did mean I saw a load of others in the range I'm also lusting after!

Happy Scrapping

Monday, 10 October 2016

Trimcraft Treats

My first Trimcraft DT kit has arrived and if you ever needed a reason to apply for a team, this is it! I love the challenge of creating from a surprise pack of product, so design teams are perfect for me. I've already got my thinking cap on, but you can be sure there's going to be a mini book (or three) in there somewhere. 

Now, to the kit. Lots of sparkly numbers and words are always handy, as is the acetate, but my favourite has to be those mini dies.

Enough taunting you with my freebies. Why not grab some of your own? Trimcraft run frequent giveaways, so it's well worth paying them a visit. There's also a number of other prizes available for various challenges, Project of the Month being one of them. 

If you're still craving freebies there are two new overlay kits free with the latest The Project Life app update. Which leads me neatly to my latest app layout....suitably creepy for the build up to Halloween.

I'm hoping that they'll allow mixed fonts in an update soon, it would make combining titles and journaling much easier, but in the meantime I'll cope. 

Happy Scrapping

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Sketchy Sunday no.132

It's time for another sketch and this week's is designed for a couple of 6"x 4" photos. This one is perfect to use up some of your scraps to create the layers.

Use a small pattern paper for the background to add more interest or if you're more of a mixed media fan, mist and stencil till your heart's content.

As always I'd love to see your take on this or any of my other sketches, so do post a comment and link to your card or layout if you're inspired to create. 

Happy Scrapping

Movies watched last week and this week:-

The Time Traveller's Wife - sci-fi romance
The Last Boy Scout - Classic action thriller
The Nice Guys - modern film noir action comedy
Sing Street - brilliant musical coming of age drama
How to be Single - raucous chick flick
Green Room - violent siege movie
Snoopy and Charlie Brown, The Peanuts Movie - disappointing animation 
Columbo, Lady in Waiting - always brilliant.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Boo! Eek! Yay!

I have some news (trumpets and banner waving commence!) ..... I'm now part of Trimcraft's Official Design Team! Check out the rest of the team here, a very talented bunch.

I can't wait to get started crafting with the goodies that are currently winging their way towards me. If you're a regular visitor you'll have noticed that I'm a fan of the First Edition paper pads and Trimcraft embellishments, so you can imagine my eagerness to get my mitts on my first kit. I'll be sure to post some pics of my haul.

Just prior to my joining the team I downloaded the free .....yes, that's right FREE!......Halloween digital papers available on Trimcraft's website. I had the papers printed at Costco photo lab with a matt finish, which I find is more forgiving when I smudge a bit of glue on it which I'm apt to do. Here's what I came up with, a Halloween set of treat boxes.

The three different style boxes hold chocolate eyeballs, chocolate pumpkins and a larger Smarties pumpkin.

I added a few plastic spiders that I picked up with some webbing at Wilkos for £1. 

The pumpkin fits in the box flat, but I tilted it up for photo purposes, so you can see that cute face. The skull and bat box has already been grabbed by one of my friend's sons, who happened to visit just after I took these photos.I think he picked that one as it had the most chocolate... if I'm honest he wanted to take all three, but his mum drew the line at one.

So, there you have it, a little spooky and a lot of fun. 

Happy Scrapping. 

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Low budget love....

I can't get enough of those Domino boxes from The Works, for me it's 59p well spent every time....and there's been a lot of times!

So, here's my latest version. I used Trimcraft's Rose Garden 8"x8" paper pad, a great size for these projects. The bead feet were from Hobbycraft at £1 a strand which gives me enough for quite a few boxes. I decorated the lid with charms, funky foam flowers and broken earrings as well as a couple of my pearl and wire flourishes.

I designed this box to hold the receipts for our wedding outfits and rings, all tied up with a ribbon bow.

Happy Scrapping

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Sketchy Sunday no.131

In my seemingly never ending decluttering I stumbled across a number of passport photos. OK, these particular ones made Ray and myself look like very dubious individuals, but there have been some that I rather like and with the multitude of passport photo apps around at the moment it's easy to take some more flattering versions. With those apps in mind I designed this sketch to make use of passport sized photos.So, here we have it sketch no. 131.

If like me you sometimes find it tricky to mix photos, try switching them to black and white and they'll go together with ease. 

Happy Scrapping

Thursday, 29 September 2016


It's been a while since I spotted a really lovely bargain, but today was that day. These metal frames are beautifully detailed and I can see me picking up several packs at £1 each from one of my favourite shops, The Works. Because the frames are quite flat and light you could even use them on cards. 

As I'm sure you'll be hot footing it to your branch soon, you'll also be interested to know they have a lovely lot of Trimcraft products in and a great range of Christmas, go on, treat yourself!

Now for my latest commute creation. These layouts have really made it much easier to catch up and use multiple photos. If you haven't tried the Project Life app I highly recommend it.

Happy Scrapping

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Sketchy Sunday no.130

It's my little brother's birthday today, hence the late post as we did a pressie run to drop off his gifts. We got him a Darth Vader cookie jar as he's a huge Star Wars fan, but then aren't we all, which is why there's a Deathstar cutting board in my kitchen! As a little extra gift we also picked up a large pot of Poppycock for him as he's also a huge popcorn fan and I recently discovered he hasn't tried Poppycock which is, in my humble opinion, the best popcorn known to mankind - if you haven't tried it you haven't lived! 

Anyway, enough waffling, here's the reason you probably stopped by: Sketch no.130. This one is for two 6" x 4" prints and makes use of those strips of patterned paper I tend to accumulate. 

Happy Scrapping

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Terrifying Titfer

Halloween has become one of our favourite nights of the year. We decorate the living room with webs, spiders, skulls and candles as well as Ray's traditional carved pumpkin. Talking of traditions, we've developed quite a few - Ray makes a pumpkin pie, not with the fresh pumpkin, he uses canned puree from our local Waitrose as recommended by our American friends. We have a spooky style dinner, ghoulash has proved popular and then we settle down for an evening's viewing of horror movies.

So, as the Halloween bits started to appear in the shops I was spookily inspired to create a decor piece to nestle in amongst the webbing. I started off with a top hat cut using the Silhouette 3D Top Hat pattern. I added a simple hat band cut from the First Edition Fallen Leaves paper pad. Next, I cut some bats then covered them in glitter and attached them to acetate strips before attaching the strips to the side of the hat at different levels. I chopped the back off a plastic skull and glued it to a piece of card. A Trimcraft frame covered in silver glitter frames the skull and I filled the frame recess with Dovecraft purple glitter glue which as a bonus hides any gaps where the skull is glued to the card. A simple gravestone shape, feathers, a glittered rubber spider and some skull beads complete the Halloween titfer. The hat looks great balanced on one of my glass lanterns and with a battery operated candle will be part of the Halloween display this year.

Happy Scrapping