Sunday, 6 December 2015

Sketchy Sunday 89

The tree is up! Yes Christmas has arrived and I now have a 7ft vision of twinkly festiveness commanding the centre of attention in my living room......and I love it. There's also advents, candles, snowball lights and my Christmas cross stitch pictures scattered around the apartment. So, I am in full Christmas mode, but never fear I have not shirked my sketchy commitments and here we have sketch number 89.... we're getting ever closer to the big 100, who would have thunk it!

If you'd like to see my advent calender you can find it here, where you'll also see the start of my second advent, a set of mini houses I altered in frosty fashion. 

Happy Festive Scrapping. 


  1. Nearly there not long to go before the 100 mark. Enjoy decorating your tree

    1. Yes, I'll do a giveaway once we hit the 100 mark. Thanks for visiting.