Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Lost Projects.....episode 1

Once upon a time in a craft room not far from here, there was a half finished mini book. Yes, we all have them, those projects that we start in a fit of inspiration,.....and that's as far as it gets. Now I've decided I've had enough of these sorry specimens, languishing in drawers and stuffed behind new product packages. So, I've set myself a mission to finish them off or at least get them to the point where they're ready to add photos and journaling to. 

This little Family mini album has been lurking around for a fair while...okay, forever.....and I've now finished it ready to add pics. I feel somewhat euphoric!

I just needed to decorate the front and add my tags to finish this why didn't I? I think it was one of those test projects where I was checking if a page worked, or it may have been a very early Bind-it-all effort. Anyway, as it was such an old project it seemed appropriate to use old product to finish it off.

The frame and Family chipboard are from a kit that I got one Christmas. I know it was from Costco and an absolute bargain as I went and bought another. I created a word cloud for the frame using my iPad app Wordpack and added one of my recent bargain flourishes chopped around a little for a bit of bling. The old ribbon stock came in for a bit of a bash too, with lots of pieces added to the binding. 

Now I challenge you to dig up those unfinished projects and complete at least one. Post a comment admitting to your oldest unfinished project.....just to make me feel better......and a link to the newly completed would be great too. 

Happy Scrapping. 


  1. I love minis! It came out nice. Perfect for Fall. I got to get on the ball and make myself a Fall themed one too.

    1. It has finished up a lovely little book and best of all it's finished. Thanks for visiting Totem.

  2. Wow, that beautiful! Love the ribbons, the swirls and the yummy patterned paper! Yes, I have those half-finished projects as well!