Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sketchy Sunday no. 66

Looking for a sketch? Then this is the place for you,  as Sunday is sketch day.

It's a quick post today as I've been blogging up a storm this week with the new Inspiration Interrogation hop running - join in here for the chance of a crafty prize, which will be going to a random lucky linker - and yesterday's Docrafts Project Design Team blog hop, check out my teamies blogs for some inspiring makes.

So, without further ado here's sketch no. 66.


That's it from me for today, like I said short, but sweet.

Happy Scrapping. 

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Docrafts Project Design Team Blog Hop 2015

Well how lucky can a girl get.....another term with an amazing group of crafters on the Docrafts Project Design Team and to celebrate and get to know each other a little better we're kicking off a blog hop. So, settle in with that cuppa and prepare for some crafty inspiration. 

For my hop project I've made this little waterfall album with the lovely Papermania Simply Floral paper. Really quick and simple, but with loads of space...I've only just finished it so the photos are yet to go in, but you get the idea.

Now here's the team blogs and if you haven't come from Emiliie's do take a trip from the beginning and give the girls some love. 

Michelle- YOU ARE HERE

Happy Scrapping. 

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Inspiration Interrogation no. 3

The light bright in my face, everything is shadow and I can feel the weight of the first question hanging in the air. I take a deep breath.....OK, that's just a little dramatic licence, it's actually very pleasant here on my sofa while hubby is in the kitchen cooking up one of his specialities for dinner - it's sweet and sour chicken tonight...yum.

So, after that dramatic yet tasty introduction here we are with the third Inspiration Interrogation post. I thought I'd give you all some mulling time on the previous questions and maybe make you a little hungry for more - and here's the more!

1. When did you last sing out loud and do you remember the song?

Ray and I have been known to sing along in the car and I'm apt to break into song while getting ready if I'm taking my time.  The last time I warbled (badly....I have a truly awful singing voice) was the weekend and Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader was the tune to get the full (horrific) treatment, followed by some Van Morrison and of course Elvis. I'm nothing if not versatile.

2. What was your favourite book as a child?

This has to be White Fang by Jack London. I was and still am a big reader and when I was a kid if it had an animal in it I read it, but White Fang was my favourite closely followed by Call of the Wild again by Jack London. 

3. Roller skates, stilts, bike or skateboard what did you have? Or maybe still have?

I had roller skates, which I was absolutely rubbish on and stilts which I thought were absolutely brilliant. Maybe it's my diminutive stature, but I'd spend hours walking about on them - the world looks different from way up there past the five foot mark. 

4. Name of your first pet and what was it?

Although not strictly mine, Manche Half-Penny a seal point Siamese cat was the first pet in the house, an anniversary present from my Dad to my Mum when I was a youngster. She was a lovely cat and as befitting her name a petite feline, but with a HUGE personality. She used to drape herself like a stole around my shoulders, making sure she was fully covered by my long hair. Heaven help you if you ignored her because if you've ever heard a Siamese cat cry you would know it sounds like a wailing baby, not easily ignored. 

5. Which film have you watched more times than any other?

Now for anyone who knows me these are probably not the most obvious, but I think it's a tie between The Day After Tomorrow starring Denis Quaid and Midnight Sting with James Woods. Both of these movies are not exactly taxing on the brain, but just great fun to watch in very different ways. If you get the chance give them a go. 

Now, hopefully this has fired you up to share, so why not join in with a link to your own answers post and the chance to win a crafty prize. Closing date 9th July 2015.

Happy Scrapping.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Sketchy Sunday no.65

It's that time of the week again, it comes around so quickly and always seems to take me by surprise, maybe I should be a little more organized. Anyway, I'm back in a multi-photo sketch phase so this week's sketch has a triple frame. Of course, you could always use one of these frames for a collage print if you wanted to add more photos or for journaling if you just wanted a photo duo.

The regulars amongst you will know I'm a bit of a star fan - that's the shape not the celebrities - so it's no surprise to see a wave of them on this sketch. For a pretty summer page you could use flowers or butterflies, another of my favourite embellishments.

Time for a rundown of my latest bargain buys. The first is this little dome lidded wooden box, perfect for decorating at £1 and new in at The Works.

The next goodie is a mini magnetic noticeboard, which I intend to alter in a similar way to the larger one I did previously, which you can see here. Again this was just £1 from Ikea, so a great little project to experiment with. 

Now for a little reminder that this Thursday it's time for the third Inspiration Interrogation post, I hope you'll join in. 

Happy Scrapping.

Thursday, 18 June 2015


It's been a little while since I made a card and after being inspired by a box of punchies I keep on my desk, I came up with this starry number for #Docraftsmonday.


I used foam squares to raise some of the stars and others are embossed, so it's all very textured with a simple colour palette.

This card also uses a tag from what I consider to be a bargain pack of sentiments, at £1.25 well worth picking up for any card maker. You can see the details here.

And here's a blast from the past, a very early mini album I happened across while having a sort out. It's a quick chipboard mini using the same technique as one I posted recently.

Happy Scrapping.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sketchy Sunday no. 64

Ok, it's time to break my obsession with ribbon edges and go back to the straight and sometimes narrow. So this week's sketch is another one great for using up a few scraps with one main photo. 

Due to my birthday week I got a little behind with posting photos so to make up for it here's my pics from the previous week. 

This is the gorgeous white tiger at Paradise Wildlife Park and below one of the cute meerkats.

And here's a quick pic of my first ever magazine commission, currently showing in the latest issue of 
Creativity magazine issue 59. Check out the magazine for loads more inspirational projects. 

Taken on an iPhone 6

Happy Scrapping. 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sketchy Sunday no. 63, Project 365 update and more....

It's been a lovely week of pressies, days out and lovely grub all to celebrate my 49th birthday. I've done a little bit of crafting too, but to be honest most of the time I was out and about so I've got some catching up to do, including posting a Project 365 before we go any further here's the pic from last week. 

Taken with my Lumix TZ35

This is the lovely Coco, one of my mum's dogs. We were visiting my parents and this was the moment Coco spotted us while out on her daily walk....I think she was pleased to see us. She's such an affectionate little heinz variety and will happily sit next to or preferably on you 24/7. 

There was also a surprise this week when I opened issue 59 of Docrafts Creativity magazine, there it was: my first magazine commission showcasing on the Scrapbook Know How article..... to say I was chuffed is an understatement. 

Well that's enough blowing my own trumpet, on with the regular post topic. Here we are with sketch no. 63. By now you know I love  ribbon edges so no great surprise to have a sketch which uses them as the main design element. I think this will work great with loads of different patterns and textures to make the most of the relatively simple design. 

As always don't forget to post a link to any layouts that have been inspired by the sketches, it's lovely to see your take on them.

Enjoy the sunshine,

Happy Scrapping.