Thursday, 14 May 2015

Inspiration Interrogation 1

How do you decide where to start with a layout? Obviously when there's a family celebration or a fun day out it's guaranteed scrappy material, but I'm talking about those everyday photos. For me it's usually when I'm backing up my photos and I spot one that I just love, but trawling through my ever growing photo library can swallow up valuable crafty time, a solution is definitely needed.

So, I've decided to use questions. I'm going to set myself or the ever suffering, but willing Ray five questions every week. Some I'm sure will inspire layouts or mini books and far be it for me to keep this exercise in inspiration to myself, so I'm going to start a new regular post. I'll post my questions and answers along with any projects they inspire.....eventually! You know by now it can take me a little while to finish a project.

It would be great to get a weekly blog hop going for everyone's answers, so if you're interested in joining in add a link to your blog below and create a post answering the five questions in as little or as much detail as you're comfortable with. I'll kick off with my own answers.

To celebrate the start of a new, hopefully regular post, one of the links will be pulled out of the hat to receive a small crafty bundle.

And here are the questions:-

1. What was your favourite childhood sweet?
We didn't get pocket money as kids, instead Dad did a weekly trip to the sweet shop where he bought quarters of all the sweets we and he fancied, within reason. I loved sweet peanuts and liquorice logs, those are the ones with fondant filling down the middle and I still lust after them when I visit markets, they always have them on sweet stalls.....I've resisted so far, but for how much longer!

2. When did you last dance?

Ray and I tend to dance a lot, so it was probably in the kitchen to something on the telly. Party wise it was a family wedding last year and we hit the dance floor big time.

3. Who was the first person you spoke to or texted today?

Ray of course on both counts.

4. What are your favourite three books?

I'm an avid reader so this one's quite tricky. The Stand by Stephen King, I'm a huge King fan and reread his novels and short stories time and time again. The Chrysalids by John Wyndham and World War Z by Max Brooks, I love the film as well.....I mean, Zombie outbreak, need I say more.

5. When was the last time you laughed uncontrollably?

I'm a bit of giggler, so not sure when I last laughed uncontrollably, but I watched 22 Jump Street recently and the scene when Channing Tatum says 'my name is Jeff' slaughtered me, I was crying with laughter. The worst time for giggling is at the gym, now and again I get into a bit of a giggle fit while exercising which doesn't exactly go down that well, but what can you do when the giggles strike.


  1. What a great Idea- I am in - Not sure it will lead to much in the way of pages ( I am SO slow!!) - but you never know. Its nice hearingf about other bloggers memories .
    Will pop back when I have done my post x

    1. Hi Sue, you and me both on the pages front, but I am gonna try. Glad you're joining in at least that makes two of us. x

  2. fabulous idea and some great questions

    Lorna x

    1. Thanks Lorna, hope you find time to join in.

  3. Good luck with it all, Michelle. I just have no discipline in crafting! :) Vee xx

    1. I thought it was worth a go, so I'll leave it running at least a week. Thanks for visiting.

  4. What a great idea for a regular series. I would like to join in if I can.
    Also great questions and I am aware that as the boys refuse more and more to have photos taken I am looking for fresh inspiration. There are only so many photos I can take and scrap of the sky ;-)

    1. I hope you find the time to join in Jennie. As for sky photos, I think I'm the same, but with food and plants.