Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sketchy Sunday no. 57

Hi Scrappers, thanks for stopping by for a little inspiration. This weeks sketch is for two photos that can easily be adapted to fit two equal size photos, great for when you just can't choose a favourite.

The triangles indicate rolled back cut edges, great for adding a contrasting paper or lace behind to peek through.

So now for the crafty catch-up. This make was for Docrafts Project Design Team and I used the Craft Collection 12 x 12 paper pack, perfect for baby projects.

This cute baby gift set is made up of a birth certificate box, mini album and gift tag. It's really simple to make and uses a limited number of supplies. If you'd like to make your own version then here's the instructions. 

Birth Certificate Box - fits an A4 document

Take a piece of cardstock 12” x  8 ¾” . Score down from the 12” edge at 1 ¾” and 8 ½“. 

Rotate a quarter turn and score down from the 8 ¾” edge score at 1 ¾”, 3 ½”, 5 ¼” and 7”. 

From the 8 ¾” edges cut at each score line to the first intersecting line only, to create 1 ¾” tabs. 

Tip : trim an angled sliver from each tab edge folding to the base of the box to create a neat edge.

Fold at all score lines, unfold. Apply glue to the back of alternate tabs on one edge and attach the 1st tab to the 2nd  then the  3rd tab to the 2nd, repeat on the opposite side to create the bottom half of the box. 

Attach the 4th tab to the 5th on both sides to create the lid of the box. Mat all sides and ends of the box. 

On the ends of the box lid cut from the front bottom corner of the lid  in a straight line to the back top corner to create an angled side. 

Cut a ribbon ended strip from gingham paper and adhere to the left of centre on the box lid. 

Create an embellishment cluster of baby themed elements and adhere to the left of the box lid over the ribbon strip, using foam pads to create a variety of levels. 

Add a strip of gingham paper to the lower section of the box front. Glue a button stack to the centre of the gingham strip. Pop a piece of gingham ribbon in the box to tie around the baby certificate.

Mini Album

Tip: Bear in mind your pattern direction when scoring. 1” flaps will be at each end when complete.
Cut two strips of patterned paper 12” x 2 ¾”. Score down from the 12” edge at 2 ¾”, 5 ½”, 8 ¼” and 11”.  Fold the 1” flap over the adjacent section with patterned sides facing and continue folding at score lines in a accordion fold. Repeat for second strip. 

Cut one piece 1 ¾” x 2 ¾” . Score in half down from the 1 ¾” edge, fold at the score line. Ink along fold, apply adhesive to the two patterned flaps and adhere one flap to the back of last 2 ¾” section of each folded 12” strip, joining them together. 

Apply a fine line of adhesive at the side and bottom inside of each folded section to create pockets. This creates a book of four pages with 1” flap at each end. Blend ink around all edges.

Cut two chipboard covers 3 ½” square. Cover with patterned paper. Line up the book spine with the inside back edge of the chipboard cover and adhere the 1” flap to the cover. Repeat for the back cover. 

Cut a piece of ribbon 20” long and tie around the book securing in a bow. Cover the spine with adhesive crochet edging securing the ribbon in place. Embellish the front cover with die-cuts and buttons. Cut tags to fit pockets and embellish pages. 

Mini card

Cut and fold a 3” x 3” card.  

Mat the front with gingham paper leaving a small border.

Top with a rectangle of paper to match mini album pages, add a contrasting parenthesis die-cut.
Cut out a heart from the patterned paper and mount on a card square. Add a contrasting button.
Adhere the card square, overlapping the die-cut to hide any unsuitable text. 

Happy Scrapping. 


  1. Love the sketch and your gorgeous creations. Lainie xx

    1. Thanks for visiting and for the lovely comment Lainie.

  2. Hi from the blog hop. Great sketch and lovely projects. Ax

    1. Thanks for visiting Amanda and glad you liked the projects.

  3. Such beautiufl projects. Vee xx

  4. Gorgeous projects with gorgeous paper selection.