Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Twine teaser

Do you love twine? I haven't used it a lot, but I do like it. So when I spotted this bargain in my usual hang out The Works I had to have it.

At £1.99 it's a great way to try out the twine thing and let's not forget the alterable possibilities of those wooden reels......I'm already thinking photo holders.

On the same shopping trip I picked up a new pack of the Papermania Capsule Collection Midnight Blush 12 x 12 paper pack at a bargain £4.95 in The Range. I use this pack loads as it works brilliantly with colour pics as well as sepia or black and white shots, a must have staple for me. They also had the other Capsule Collection colours so worth checking out if you're passing. You can see a couple of my Midnight Blush layouts here and here.

Happy Scrapping.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sketchy Sunday no. 57

Hi Scrappers, thanks for stopping by for a little inspiration. This weeks sketch is for two photos that can easily be adapted to fit two equal size photos, great for when you just can't choose a favourite.

The triangles indicate rolled back cut edges, great for adding a contrasting paper or lace behind to peek through.

So now for the crafty catch-up. This make was for Docrafts Project Design Team and I used the Craft Collection 12 x 12 paper pack, perfect for baby projects.

This cute baby gift set is made up of a birth certificate box, mini album and gift tag. It's really simple to make and uses a limited number of supplies. If you'd like to make your own version then here's the instructions. 

Birth Certificate Box - fits an A4 document

Take a piece of cardstock 12” x  8 ¾” . Score down from the 12” edge at 1 ¾” and 8 ½“. 

Rotate a quarter turn and score down from the 8 ¾” edge score at 1 ¾”, 3 ½”, 5 ¼” and 7”. 

From the 8 ¾” edges cut at each score line to the first intersecting line only, to create 1 ¾” tabs. 

Tip : trim an angled sliver from each tab edge folding to the base of the box to create a neat edge.

Fold at all score lines, unfold. Apply glue to the back of alternate tabs on one edge and attach the 1st tab to the 2nd  then the  3rd tab to the 2nd, repeat on the opposite side to create the bottom half of the box. 

Attach the 4th tab to the 5th on both sides to create the lid of the box. Mat all sides and ends of the box. 

On the ends of the box lid cut from the front bottom corner of the lid  in a straight line to the back top corner to create an angled side. 

Cut a ribbon ended strip from gingham paper and adhere to the left of centre on the box lid. 

Create an embellishment cluster of baby themed elements and adhere to the left of the box lid over the ribbon strip, using foam pads to create a variety of levels. 

Add a strip of gingham paper to the lower section of the box front. Glue a button stack to the centre of the gingham strip. Pop a piece of gingham ribbon in the box to tie around the baby certificate.

Mini Album

Tip: Bear in mind your pattern direction when scoring. 1” flaps will be at each end when complete.
Cut two strips of patterned paper 12” x 2 ¾”. Score down from the 12” edge at 2 ¾”, 5 ½”, 8 ¼” and 11”.  Fold the 1” flap over the adjacent section with patterned sides facing and continue folding at score lines in a accordion fold. Repeat for second strip. 

Cut one piece 1 ¾” x 2 ¾” . Score in half down from the 1 ¾” edge, fold at the score line. Ink along fold, apply adhesive to the two patterned flaps and adhere one flap to the back of last 2 ¾” section of each folded 12” strip, joining them together. 

Apply a fine line of adhesive at the side and bottom inside of each folded section to create pockets. This creates a book of four pages with 1” flap at each end. Blend ink around all edges.

Cut two chipboard covers 3 ½” square. Cover with patterned paper. Line up the book spine with the inside back edge of the chipboard cover and adhere the 1” flap to the cover. Repeat for the back cover. 

Cut a piece of ribbon 20” long and tie around the book securing in a bow. Cover the spine with adhesive crochet edging securing the ribbon in place. Embellish the front cover with die-cuts and buttons. Cut tags to fit pockets and embellish pages. 

Mini card

Cut and fold a 3” x 3” card.  

Mat the front with gingham paper leaving a small border.

Top with a rectangle of paper to match mini album pages, add a contrasting parenthesis die-cut.
Cut out a heart from the patterned paper and mount on a card square. Add a contrasting button.
Adhere the card square, overlapping the die-cut to hide any unsuitable text. 

Happy Scrapping. 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Project 365 update

It's been a lovely couple of days and as with every stretch of warmth and sunshine we meandered off to our local park. I hadn't taken my DSLR out for a while so it deserved a day out too and I happily snapped away until that battery light started flashing....oops!

Before the battery gave out, I caught this older cygnet venturing close to the fishing deck.

Shot with my Nikon D5000
So there it is, my pick for the weekly photo. I did warn you there'd be a few park related pics.

Happy Scrapping. 

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sketchy Sunday no.56

I've got plans today to craft with some download papers from the Docrafts website. They publish downloads available for FREE and you can generally find something for every taste. I think I've mentioned before, I get my download papers printed at Costco as 9 x 6" photos with a matt finish and at 20p a print more cost effective for me than printing at home. The matt finish gives them a little more resilience, handy as I'm libel to get a splodge of glue on them at some point, don't ask me how.

So, that's my crafty plan today with a walk and Ray cooking up some comfort food...it is Sunday after all.

And for those of you visiting for a dose of Sunday sketch inspiration here we have it Sketch no. 56.

I've gone for a graphic sketch today, perfect for telling a story with a grid of four images and the arrows add a great flow. 

Happy Scrapping.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Project 365

This weeks pic choice is one of those opportune moments, when I had the camera set up to shoot some projects and I thought I'd try some work in progress pics.

The one I've chosen shows me creating one of my gem flourishes, you'll see these quite often on my layouts as I can't resist a bit of bling or sometimes a lot of bling!

Incidently, I've recently been using the self-timer whenever I have the camera on a tripod, to do away with any potential wobbles. I may add a remote shutter release to my shopping list in the future, but for now the self-timer function works for me. 

And finally a little crafty catch up.

This little box with card top holds scented candles for a sweet New Home gift. If you'd like to make your own version you can find my instructions here Project instructions.

Happy Scrapping.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sketchy Sunday no. 55

Ok, I know it's a little late in the day, but it's still Sunday and so time for the latest sketch. I've stuck with a single image sketch this week and as I'm in a flowery phase we have plenty of blooms as well. If flowers are not your thing just swop out those blooms for stars, circles or your go to shape.

So here we have it Sketch no. 55.

The little triangular rips on the second mat would work well with some little blooms tucked in there, but plain would work too...I told you I was in a flowery phase.

Happy Scrapping.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Project 365 update

It's the last day of a lovely long weekend and we are finally recovering from what is probably the worst flu we've ever had. There is no way either of us would have appeared in photos this past week so my photo choice from last week is of ....wait for it.....leaves. Ok leaves,grass and trees.

Taken with my Panasonic Lumix TZ35

I like landscape photos taken from a low viewpoint, it's one of those views we just don't see unless we make the effort to and for me that makes for a more interesting image.

Happy Scrapping.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Sketchy Sunday no. 54

Happy Easter. Have you waded free of the sea of chocolate and Hot Cross buns? It's not so tough for me as I'm not a huge chocolate fan, but Ray knowing my weaknesses has stocked up on Pringles and dip, my chocolate substitute....and my resolve is crumbling. I'm thinking a day slumped in front of the telly with a little crafty time thrown in and a Pringles and dip binge makes for the perfect Easter Sunday.

For those of you thinking along the same lines, substituting Pringles for chocolate obviously, then here's a little inspiration. 

After last weeks fairly busy sketch I wanted to create something a little simpler, perfect for a couple of 6 x 4 photos. If any of my sketches inspire you to create something please put a link in the comments as I'd love to see it. 

Happy Easter Scrapping. 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Scraps, Inks and Birthday Jinks

The lovely bunch over on the Docrafts Scrapbooking forum have set some monthly challenges and I've joined in with the March one. The theme was Birthday Treats and a sketch was provided or you could use your own.

So, for this challenge I scrapped Ray's 46th birthday using my scraps from the Papermania Heritage Press paper pack. I used my sketch no.52 for inspiration and with that it came together fairly quickly....well quickly for me!

Firstly, I misted the background card stock with gold spritzing ink and then flicked a little dark brown paint. Once all the paper layers were down I blended ink around the edge of the whole layout to give it a little more depth. The title is made up of grungeboard numbers and mounted on a grungeboard bookplate with a mini letter sticker glossed plaque - the camera glare has made it unreadable, but it says 'Birthday'. I added a little bargain pin to the birthday plaque and a couple of pearl brads to secure the book plate.

I realised recently I use a lot of strong coloured backgrounds. I love the look of the white, black or kraft backgrounds, but I find it quite tough to use them on my layouts. I will keep trying though as sometimes it just takes a while for it to click for me and it's good to step outside my comfort zone - I like the challenge, it's the same reason I love the Design Team work - I use the term "work" in it's loosest form.

Anyway, hope you find time to pop over to the Scrapbooking forum at Docrafts and maybe join in a few challenges.

Happy Scrapping.