Monday, 23 March 2015

Project 365 update

Phones have changed the way we document our lives, now most of us carry a camera at all times and there are probably more photos taken now than at any time previously. 

The photos may not always be the best, but many times they capture life in a more real way. Maybe because we take them with barely a thought or maybe just because conveniently we have a camera to hand, so we’re capturing more than we would have pre-phone. A lot of the time I take multiple snaps and those photos, kept smaller, are perfect for my mini books or multi-photo layouts……although that’s not to say today's phones don’t have good cameras and in good light or even not so good, they can take great photos.

Ray put a great little book in my Christmas stocking, The Art of iPhonography, which really shows what you can do with the right apps and a little creative thought, great for those instagrammers out there.  I use my iPhone a lot for my 365 project – a photo a day – and for those moments when I just spot something out on my travels. And then of course there is the dreaded selfie - I would never have bothered taking photos of myself if it wasn’t for my phone and maybe that’s the biggest change in scrapping for me – more layouts featuring me! Now, maybe that’s not such a good thing,but you know what it’s like when you find a box of old photos you always look for those ones of yourself, how you’ve changed and that monstrosity that was your favourite outfit or hairstyle – oh, yes we all have those pictures.

And finally on the subject of photos, just to keep you posted in terms of my Project 365 here's my pick from last week.

Happy Scrapping.  


  1. Love the egg dispenser. I am so pleased to see some Easter crafting. I know what you mean about photos, nothing worse when you have an idea in mind, then the photo just doesn't live up to you plans

    1. Some of the photo effects available can make a bad photo useable though and in some cases it actually works out better, worth a try sometimes. Glad you like the egg dispenser and thanks for stopping by.