Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Project 365 update

Well, the sun came out and being as we're lucky enough to live on the edge of a lovely park it goes without saying, when the sun shines, off we trot.

So, this Sunday found us following our regular circuit of the park and wildlife sanctuary on our doorstep, roughly a 5mile walk. On non-training days we generally do this walk every day in fine weather, so get used to nature pics as there will be more. 

I didn't fancy lugging my Nikon DSLR so I took my new Panasonic Lumix compact camera and managed to snap a few photos of the changing foliage.

I do like this kind of composition and the model doesn't complain! I had to shoot on sport mode as it was still pretty breezy out, but it worked as most of the pics came out well. I'm pleased with that new little Lumix.

I hope you managed to get out and enjoy the finer weather and let's hope there's more to come soon.

Happy Scrapping.

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