Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sketchy Sunday no.47

It's come around again, yes it's Sketchy Sunday and here's my latest offering sketch no. 47.

I love tri-photo sketches and this one is no exception. I always find three photos is a good number for a layout.

Now for an important reminder......when did you last back up your photo folder? I know it's not exciting, but if it was more than a month ago why not fire off a backup today. I recently bought myself a large flash drive which I've added into my backup routine. So, once a month I backup to an external drive and my new flash drive, as well as leaving the file on my laptop, I am seriously thinking of using the iCloud storage which has become a lot more affordable of late, so that may be my future routine, but for now this works for me. 

Happy Scrapping.

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