Monday, 2 February 2015

Project 365 update

Another week into the Project 365 and I thought you might like a little insight into my Sketchy Sunday preparations.

I'm a complete glutton for notebooks....Ok, all stationery....and in my handbag you'll find a minimum of three notebooks at all times. Tea breaks at work will usually find me noting down project ideas or sketches - yes, that's where it starts - I rough out a sketch idea and then when I'm home I use my Scrapbook software to create the sketch proper before exporting as a jpeg, ready to pop on the blog.
So the photo I chose from last week is me roughing out a sketch.You'll notice the one with a line through it, this means I've already posted it on the blog. 

Taken with my iPhone

The one I'm sketching in the photo was posted yesterday, so you can see how it changes from my original idea, but in this case the change was quite dramatic... I may use the original note as inspiration for another sketch in the series.

Like Project Life, I find Project 365 helps not only show the main events of the year, but also gives an insight into the everyday, you know those things we'll forget in a couple of years. I think this is why my album from the previous Project 365 is the most looked at, it really does capture the year.

Happy Scrapping.


  1. A good idea Michelle jotting down notes & planning a sketch .

  2. Michelle, I am with you! I have so many notebooks everywhere with me. Nothing I love more than a fresh blank sheet of paper. :)

  3. I love to sketch out my ideas too. I must have a look at some scrapbook software, can you recommend one? I am following Fat Mum Slim's photo a day when I can, it's lovely to have lots of snapshots to jog memories as well as of the bigger events.

    1. Hi Jennie, I use Scrapbook Factory as it's nice and simple with plenty of elements built in. I export my sketch as a JPEG then convert it to black and white. I have used Word for sketches before and you'd be surprised how well that can work. Have a scout around as there's a lot of options out there and they're not all expensive.