Monday, 19 January 2015

Project 365

In an effort to keep me on track with my photo a day project, I'm posting a shot each Monday - well that's the aim.

This pic, although not the most exciting, marks my new baking regular - breakfast cookies, but believe you me they're tasty all day long.

It's going to sound strange, but you don't use any flour or sugar. The original recipe can be found here - - I've tweaked it by adding desiccated coconut and using sultanas. I bake them in cake cases, it makes it easier to keep them even. They're addictive and a reasonably healthy snack or brekkie, so ditch the choccie covered crispies and give them a go.

Just because I think they're great, here's the toys and the cat and budgie.

Left Behinds

Cat and Budgie

Yes, that's right I've rediscovered the link function.

Happy Scrapping. x

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