Tuesday, 13 January 2015

On the hunt.....

What with all the Christmas shopping, scrappy bargain hunting took a bit of a back seat, but now that the gifting is completedI’m on the hunt for those cheapie treats for our crafty obsessions. 

It’s a known fact that the New Year brings an urge to sort, organise and generally set ourselves up for a fruitful and productive year. With this in mind my bargain hunting was definitely geared towards the storage product aspect and I have been rewarded with a couple of cute and undoubtedly budget items. 

The first item I found was this little - each pot is approximately 4” high - double bucket handled pot. It’s metal, so quite sturdy and embossed so ticks the pretty box. I initially bought it to gift as the container for a little gardener kit and may still do that, but the selfish moo in me wants to keep it for pens, pencils or other goodies. It comes in a variety of pastel colours and I picked it up in Poundland for….wait for it….£1. 

The second item is a real must have for any glitter glue fans (me! me! me!). It’s labelled a nail varnish organiser, but I found it’s perfect for my glitter glue bottles and glitter tubes. Again, it was in Poundland. It’s acrylic, sturdy and being clear will work with any d├ęcor, I think I need another one, because let’s face it I’m going to buy more glitter….maybe I need another two!

Ok, that’s the latest bargains, but rest assured I’m on the case looking for more.

Happy Scrapping.

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