Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas is is Sketchy Sunday no.37

It’s here….the tree is up with 480 lights, hundreds of deccies, several strings of gold beads and all topped off with sparkly golden angel hair – that stuff's always tricky to find!

Friday was tree shopping day and we hot-footed it down to the garden centre after I finished work early, purely to give us enough light to select the suitable spruce....... three garden centres later..... and there it was in all it’s 7ft bushy glory - our tree. Now getting it home was a bit of an adventure, we have a two-seater, very small car - luckily it's a convertible, so the roof came down and in went the tree in the passenger seat. I walked off to the local McDonalds, got myself a cuppa and settled in for an hour to wait for Ray to return to pick me up.

I admit we’re incredibly fussy when it comes to the tree – ok, maybe me a little more than Ray, but he has been known to perform a little tree surgery on a less than perfect specimen - it has to be the biggest, most perfectly shaped tree we can shoehorn into the living room and even then everything gets shuffled up to make room. I don’t care that I have to hop over the sofa to get to the utility room for a few weeks as long as it all looks hugely Christmassy. We even cover the sofa completely in a large rich, deep red, furry throw. Iridescent snowflakes hang from the ceiling on invisible thread and my Christmas cross stitch pictures…..products of a previous craft obsession….replace the normal artwork throughout the apartment.

New additions to the d├ęcor this year are my 24 mini advent houses. They have found a home lined up along my living room TV bench. Stuffed with chocolate covered honey and hazelnut gingerbread stars and Chocolate covered apricot filled hearts they match perfectly with my other altered advent calendar.

I’m also a big fan of decorating with lights, twigs and anything festive that springs to mind. My snowball light is a fruit bowl from Ikea and a string of snowball lights piled high, it gives a lovely soft pool of light. I also use some cheap curly twigs - £2 a bunch from Sainsbury’s – pop them in a plain glass vase, tie a large bow with wired ribbon and hang with mini baubles,  a real statement piece to fill a large space. Cheapie glass vases or bowls filled with different sized baubles always look good too. Wired ribbon can make all the difference when wrapping as well, it’s so easy to shape a large decorative bow which can be used to decorate pressies, trees, wreaths and anything else that sits still long enough.

Yes, I am a Christmas girl through and through, but that doesn't stop the crafting train and for those of you who have come visiting for a little inspiration here we have it: Sketch no. 37.

A great sketch for using up those scraps and adding a load of your favourite patterns - mix the spots, stripes, checks and florals and you'll be surprised how well it can work.

Happy Scrapping. 

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