Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sketchy Sunday no. 36

Jingle Bells, jingle bells's here, tomorrow is December and I'm full of festive spirit. I had my first bowl of Christmas pudding Friday - the first of many - and I've booked a couple of days off work for shopping. My cameras are on charge ready for the December Daily pics and I've got a notebook earmarked for festive thoughts. Next Friday is tree day and even more exciting is the chance to see the reindeer that my chosen garden centre will be giving a home to for the weekend - how christmassy is that!

The mini advent houses are finished and ready to be filled with treats, we picked up some chocolate gingerbread hearts with apricot filling and some honey and hazelnut chocolate covered gingerbread stars - perfect for an after dinner treat.

So with the preparations underway it only leaves the latest sketch to post and here it is....Sketch no. 36.

Happy Scrapping. 


  1. those houses are very cute and I like the sketch! jx

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jen and for the lovely comment.