Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sketchy Sunday no. 34

Morning Scrappers, can you believe how time is speeding up . It seems to go quicker with every week closer to the big man in red's day, but I'm loving it. Today I heard the first Christmas song on the radio.....a little early I thought, didn't stop me singing along though, but only because I was on my own as I have a truly awful singing voice.

Now, for those regular inspiration seekers here's this week's sketch. A real story teller's one this time around. I especially love multi-photo sketches for the festive season as there's always loads of photos from the big day, pressies wrapped, unwrapped, food and that's without all the family madness and evening chill-out. However, the chance of getting a great quality photo are not exactly in my favour, what with the indoor lighting and normal festive chaos, so sketches for multiple smaller photos are the way to go for me and if I do manage to get a photo I truly love then another layout to showcase it is more than justified.

The mini advent houses are getting there and to prove it here's another addition to the set.This little fella took the brunt of me not using glitter on the last one (21). Yes, that's right I went a little sparkle nuts and smothered the whole house in iridescent glitter, when the light hits this one watch out retinas!

An Xcut Snowflake die-cut from white glitter paper gives the frosty check paper a little more Christmas spirit. These snowflake dies are proving very useful.

I knocked up this festive wreath in super quick time with just some glitter paper backed with card for a little more resilience and a piece of ribbon, glitter glue and spritzing ink. Just change the ribbon and it will fit in with any festive colour scheme.

So, on with the preparations. More advent houses to follow, so pop by later in the week.

Have a scrappy Sunday.

Michelle x

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