Thursday, 2 October 2014

For a true gentleman...

I don't know about you, but I've only recently given some of my makes as little extra gifts.I haven't always been sure how they would be received and I think most of us could be a little more confident in our creations, but I've been surprised and relieved that they have been enjoyed and appreciated by those few I have gifted them to.

My Dad turned 70 recently and as well as the usual gifts and meal out, I created this little boxed mini album specially for him.

I used some chipboard scraps for the book covers and the Papermania Heritage Press paper line and Decoupage Pack for the book and decoration. The box was one of a set of two from The Range, I just split the corners on one side to create a hinge so the box lid and base could be joined permanently after I'd decorated the two pieces.

Once completed I created titles for each page that summed up the photos added to the tags representing all my dear dad's facets: Gentleman, Sportsman, Strongman, Father, Husband and so many more. Now I've got to make plans for mum's one next year.

Happy Scrapping.

Michelle x


  1. this is really lovely, very classy and the colours are perfect.

    What a super and thoughtful gift, bet dad was chuffed with it too

    Angela (pollypurplehorse)

    1. Thanks Angela, yes he did seem quite touched and spent some time looking through each tag. x

  2. It's a wonderful gift you have made !

  3. Gorgeous! I love the papers you have used.