Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sketchy Sunday no. 26

Another week whizzed by and luckily for me a day off on Friday which added up to a few new projects and another mini house on the verge of completion....I'm definitely speeding up.

I've also started a new layout with a different approach.....not that I was bored, just a little curious. Basically I decided to start a layout with no idea as to what photos I'll use. This is something I never do, but I'm actually enjoying the process. The way I look at is, if the page looks good with no photos then it's bound to look good with the pics added at the end....sounds right to me, but then I have been wrong before....I know, surprising isn't it!

Ok, enough rambling, here's Sketch no. 26......this is the one I'm basing my new layout on.

Breaking news! For all you Project Lifers out there, do you know there's an app Project Life? priced very reasonably at £1.99.

Happy Scrapping.

Michelle x

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