Saturday, 6 September 2014

Dear Santa.....

You may have guessed but if not I’ll spell it out…..I LOVE CHRISTMAS, I love the music, the d├ęcor, the pressies and the general festive spirit. We always do Christmas stockings for each other, well when I say "we" I obviously mean Santa, as well as three main gifts, it used to be more than three but after year twenty ideas and storage started to get a little thin on the ground so now we restrict ourselves to three, although some little cheaters (Ray) think this means they can just cram more into the stocking!

As part of my ever growing love of all things festive, just take a look at the previous posts on advent calendars and mini houses for proof, I have altered another of the little wooden boxes from The Works to house a festive fold-out mini album. Measuring a diminutive 2” square this album does not have a huge amount of space to play with but it’s ideal for lists of the pressies Ray and I exchange in the coming gift giving extravaganza. Anyway, enough festive blathering here’s the little box in all its twinkly glory.

I started by painting the box using metallic silver Artiste paint, spritzed with red and gold Artiste spritzing ink then embellished with a reindeer from Hobbycraft, snowflakes by Kaiser craft, an odd snowflake brad with the legs chopped off, a bit of a broken Christmas garland and to round it off a liberal coating of Glitz It iridescent glitter glue….and there we have it one twinkly festive box.

I used the same template as my quote mini to create the album and matted it with Papermania Letter To Santa paper, a gorgeous paper pack which I’m currently using to create a new mini album. Lastly I topped the mini with an element from the ‘Postage Stamps Foiled’ pack raised on 3d pads over a ribbon tie to act as the book closure.

Hope you've been inspired to indulge in a little Christmas craft.

Happy Scrapping.


  1. A lovely little mini album & box

    1. Thanks Jill, they are sweet and quick projects to do.

  2. So not ready for Christmas but your projects are awesome.

  3. Michelle, this all looks amazing! Looks like you had fun with your new kit!
    Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog & leave a little comment!
    Dawn xx