Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sketchy Sunday no.27

Welcome back scrappers, I hope you've had a lovely crafty week and been getting your create on.

For those of you who are fans of my mini advent houses and looking to alter a set yourselves I've good news. This week I've spotted the set of houses in both Hobbycraft and The Range, so if you have pennies to spare go get 'em. They only had two sets in the Romford store, priced at £20 each, but hopefully that was just the early stock. They also had two lovely blank advents in Hobbycraft, perfect for decorating....I have my eye on the tree shaped one priced at £15.

Well, that's the breaking news so on with the main event. Here's this week's sketch, perfect for a story based layout.

It's easy to create shaped text panels, like the one in this sketch, for your layout - I've used Serif Pageplus, free desktop publishing software - it's a great option if you just want to try out the technique without parting with any cash and just because it's free don't think that it's lesser quality as I've found it to be a great piece of software.

Well, I'm off to photograph my projects so enjoy the rest of the weekend. 

Happy Scrapping. x

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Altered me!

I was looking through my gallery recently and it struck me that my crafting has changed direction slightly in the past year. I think being on the design team has played a major part in that, I've definitely been making a lot more off the page projects and altered items and initially that was a considered decision to try and keep things fresh and different as I was concerned my makes would become boring. Now I'm so glad I started these kinds of projects. I really enjoy re-purposing or updating little bits and bobs. If you haven't tried it give it a go, it doesn't have to be big, in fact I don't really do big stuff at all and to prove it here's a couple of my more recent makes.

The beach area is made using the nail art beads shown on a previous post under the crafty finds sections. They were perfect for this project.

This started life as a dominoes box that I picked up at The Works for 50p and inspired by Ray's comment of how he had to make a memory book at school for the summer holidays, I created this small holiday memory box with just enough room for a tag mini, a small bottle of shells and a journaling pen. Now I've just got to work out what to do with the dominoes. 

The recipe book project is an altered index card holder from Wilkos, I think this one was £1 and the giant peg is a Papermania Bare Basics product that I decorated to match.I glued a sucker on the back of the peg so it can go on the fridge or tiles, out of my messy cook ways.

I still love making layouts and mini albums but the altered stuff is definitely here to stay.

Happy Scrapping. x

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sketchy Sunday no. 26

Another week whizzed by and luckily for me a day off on Friday which added up to a few new projects and another mini house on the verge of completion....I'm definitely speeding up.

I've also started a new layout with a different approach.....not that I was bored, just a little curious. Basically I decided to start a layout with no idea as to what photos I'll use. This is something I never do, but I'm actually enjoying the process. The way I look at is, if the page looks good with no photos then it's bound to look good with the pics added at the end....sounds right to me, but then I have been wrong before....I know, surprising isn't it!

Ok, enough rambling, here's Sketch no. 26......this is the one I'm basing my new layout on.

Breaking news! For all you Project Lifers out there, do you know there's an app Project Life? priced very reasonably at £1.99.

Happy Scrapping.

Michelle x

Monday, 15 September 2014

I'm dreaming of a white.......

After finding my cache of Christmas scraps I've been covering advent mini houses at a much faster rate. This is the first completed house using my scraps and some of the lovely new Docrafts Glitter Paper.

I used Xcut dies from the Snowflakes and Nested Star sets to cut my embellishments and the number is Grungeboard which I covered in Anita's 3d clear gloss and Docrafts silver glitter.

So without further ado here we have it, advent mini house no.8.

Happy Scrapping.

Michelle x

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sketchy Sunday 25

I hope you've all had a lovely week and managed to squeeze in a bit of crafting. I've done quite well this week, completing a mini album and another of my mini advent houses. If you have time do pop back during the week for pics of the advent house. I had a bit of a brainstorm and checked my scraps folder and what did I find? Scraps from my large advent calendar, so full steam ahead on the houses. Talking of which I need to buy another vat of glitter glue, I do love a twinkle.

Anyway, for the regulars here's what you stopped by for, sketch no. 25.

Nice and graphic this one, so go crazy and make it your own. That's it from me, off to do a spot of housework.

Happy Scrapping. x

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sketchy Sunday no.24

I'm feeling decidedly festive this weekend. I know I'm somewhat ahead of schedule but I was sent some Christmas stuff in my Design Team kit and I don't need a lot of encouragement to start on festive preparations, so the sketch had to have a Christmas vibe.

Snowflakes have been my must have embellishment for my Christmas projects lately so they had to play their part and I wanted to stick with a single photo for this week. So here we have it sketch 24.

Glitz those clusters up and go nuts with the bling, I've got this one earmarked for a frosty layout.

Happy Scrapping. x

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Dear Santa.....

You may have guessed but if not I’ll spell it out…..I LOVE CHRISTMAS, I love the music, the décor, the pressies and the general festive spirit. We always do Christmas stockings for each other, well when I say "we" I obviously mean Santa, as well as three main gifts, it used to be more than three but after year twenty ideas and storage started to get a little thin on the ground so now we restrict ourselves to three, although some little cheaters (Ray) think this means they can just cram more into the stocking!

As part of my ever growing love of all things festive, just take a look at the previous posts on advent calendars and mini houses for proof, I have altered another of the little wooden boxes from The Works to house a festive fold-out mini album. Measuring a diminutive 2” square this album does not have a huge amount of space to play with but it’s ideal for lists of the pressies Ray and I exchange in the coming gift giving extravaganza. Anyway, enough festive blathering here’s the little box in all its twinkly glory.

I started by painting the box using metallic silver Artiste paint, spritzed with red and gold Artiste spritzing ink then embellished with a reindeer from Hobbycraft, snowflakes by Kaiser craft, an odd snowflake brad with the legs chopped off, a bit of a broken Christmas garland and to round it off a liberal coating of Glitz It iridescent glitter glue….and there we have it one twinkly festive box.

I used the same template as my quote mini to create the album and matted it with Papermania Letter To Santa paper, a gorgeous paper pack which I’m currently using to create a new mini album. Lastly I topped the mini with an element from the ‘Postage Stamps Foiled’ pack raised on 3d pads over a ribbon tie to act as the book closure.

Hope you've been inspired to indulge in a little Christmas craft.

Happy Scrapping.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Chick Magnet!

For a cheep – get it! - pretty and different way of presenting a mini book, look no further than a bird house. This is my second one of these and I can say with confidence there will be more, I may attempt to make one from chipboard next time. I love the cute look of them and because it’s a ready-made bird house it’s a quick project. I picked up this undecorated version in The Range, it was one of my crafty finds posted previously. A little paint, a couple of chipboard scraps, some old paper flowers, beads from broken jewellery and an A5 pack of paper (I used the new Papermania Botanicals paper line) was all it took to cover the bird house and make a mini album to nestle safely within. I decorated the mini with a couple of leftovers from a decoupage kit, a die-cut and some alpha stickers but a bit of fussy-cut scraps would work just as well.

For both of my bird houses I’ve made minis very much on the birdie theme. This latest one tells the story of how my Father-in-Law become foster parent to a couple of blue tit chicks….altogether now aaaahhh….you’ll be pleased to know they grew big and strong and left him to go to a specialist wildlife centre where they were eventually released back to the wild. He does miss them though as they did seem to recognise him and get very excited whenever he got close, but it was probably due to the meal worm he was holding.

The first bird house I completed was quite different to this latest one and was one of my Design Team projects for Docrafts Creativity Club. I used the Papermania Capsule Eau De Nil paper line and the Xcut Flourish die set.  I picked this house up in the local £1 shop, it was garishly decorated with various naive bugs stuck to it but the overall shape really appealed to me. I carefully removed the bugs and roof before decorating it  in a more subtle colour scheme.

If you’d like to try your own version here’s the instructions on how I completed mine. If you are inspired to have a go I’d love to see your version, so do post a link.

How to:-

Take one cheap wooden birdhouse, ease off the roof, it’s a cheap birdhouse so it will only be lightly glued. Remove any raised décor.

Paint the roof , corners and edges of the house with white Artiste paint.

Print your title in a 1” circle, trim to a 2” circle and adhere to the inside of the house so the title lines up with the birdhouse hole.

Cover the birdhouse with paper inside and out. Cut pieces to fit each surface, coat in Anita’s tacky glue right to the edge and adhere. The glue allows you to slide the paper creating a perfect fit. Trim the edges once dry if necessary.

Die cut flourishes from white card and then coat with iridescent glitter glue. Once dry adhere to the birdhouse on all sides.

Die cut flower shapes and adhere to the flourishes adding gems to the flower centres.

Adhere self adhesive crochet border to the outside of the roof starting at the edges and overlapping till you reach the apex. Cut the crochet border pieces slightly long and trim once the roof has been covered to get a neat edge. Cover the inside of the roof with paper.

Cut a paper template ¼” narrower than the internal birdhouse width and 1” shorter than the depth.

Cut two pieces of chipboard the size of the template to act as book covers. Cover with paper on both sides.

Cut pages from card stock ¼” shorter and narrower than the covers. Mat the pages.

Bind your book using a binding machine, book rings or ribbon. Decorate binding with ribbons.

Decorate the cover with another flourish, flower shapes and buttons.

Add photos and journaling and pop into your birdhouse.

Happy Scrapping.