Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sketchy Sunday 23

Firstly, for those of you popping in on The Crafting Cafe blog hop.....hi there, glad you made it..... for the sketchy Sunday regulars....thanks for taking the time to pop by....and for all you first time visitors, it's the day for our regular dose of inspiration and as promised last week this sketch is for a single photo.

That's right, I've kept it quite simple today but that doesn't have to mean boring. Use stars, hearts or any shape that takes your fancy to create a line across the page and using multiple patterns, textures and/or colours for the shapes will really add to the design. 

Happy Scrapping.

Michelle x

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Don't Quote me..........oh go on then.

If you’ve been a visitor from when I first started blogging, actually not that long ago, you may have seen a post with a couple of small boxes from The Works (use the label ‘crafty find’ on the right to locate the post). This little gift project was the result of using one of those boxes.

I’m planning to do another of these with a Christmas theme. So you’ll see that sometime in the future.
In the meantime if you’d like to create your own here’s some instructions to help you.

How to:-

If using a shop bought box remove any hardware and paint the box with metallic silver Artiste paint. Once dry spritz with violet spritzing ink then with gold spritzing ink. When dry replace hardware.

Take a 6 x 6 piece of black cardstock Spritz the card with violet and gold spritzing ink. When dry score at 2”  and 4”, rotate 90 degrees and score again at 2” and 4” . As shown in the diagram make two cuts horizontally to the last intersecting line, from opposite sides. Fold at score lines page by page till you have a single square.

Cut a piece of gold ribbon long enough to tie in a bow to secure the book and glue the centre to the centre of your top cover square. Die cut a small parenthesis shape from violet card and adhere centrally over the ribbon on the cover square. Top with a button and two sections of peal off flourishes in silver.

Die cut a small scalloped circle from violet card and adhere to the centre of the bottom cover square. Die cut a small parenthesis shape from co-ordinating patterned paper and adhere to the centre of the circle. Apply a small silver flourish to one corner of the parenthesis shape. Cut a strip of violet card and apply alpha stickers, cover with 3D clear gloss, once dry trim to fit and cut one end in a ribbon shape. Adhere to parenthesis shape.

Lightly spritz a sheet of lilac card with gold spritzing ink, trim to A4 and once dry print quotes or messages . Trim messages to fit pages and adhere one to each page, of course you can write these instead of printing.

Close book and secure with the ribbon tied in a bow.

Die cut two small and large flowers from violet card and two of each from patterned paper. Glue one card and paper flower together, create four thicker flowers this way. Cover each with 3D gloss finish, let dry.

Top the album cover button with one of the smaller flowers and apply a silver dome sticker to the centre.

Arrange the other flowers on the bottom right corner of the box. Paint two resin flowers with metallic silver paint, let dry and spray one with violet spritzing ink. Once dry arrange on the box lower right corner. Apply two sections of small silver flourishes to the arrangement.

Pop your album in the box and you're done.

Happy Scrapping.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

As promised here's the latest advent mini house, no.13.

The house is covered in Maja Design - Vintage Frost Basics 19th of December card stock, with the inside covered in the same card but the reverse design, which is a pink and white distressed check pattern. I jumped numbers to 13 as the paper on this one is very similar to the paper I covered no.7 in and when they are displayed as a group I want the variation in decoration to really show. I love the large die-cut snowflake from the new Xcut snowflakes die set, I can see me doing another variation of this on another house. I used an iridescent glitter glue to highlight the snowflake and silver glitter covered grungeboard numbers mounted on a blue glittered circle to create the number plaque.

Time is marching on and I really must get some more of these done so hopefully not so long before I post the next one.

Happy Scrapping.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sketchy Sunday 22

It's Sunday and this means it's sketch day, regular visitors are well versed in what to expect and as always I'm grateful you've taken the time to visit. If you can, pop back for a look at my latest mini advent house on Monday.

Today's sketch is a multi-photo one, but can easily be used for a single photo by turning the other four photo mats into journaling spots or simply embellishment clusters.

I know there have been a few multi-photo sketches lately so next weeks will be a single photo version. I hope you'll pay a visit to see if it inspires you.

Have fun and make sure you have some crafting time set aside for the weekend.

Happy Scrapping.

Michelle x

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Scrappy Apps Revisited..

It’s been a little while since I did my Scrappy Apps post and there have been changes, mainly that I got an iPad for my birthday (super exuberant happy dance). The bigger screen on the iPad has meant I can do a lot more scrappy related bits and bobs on the go, so I thought it time to share my new discoveries, hopefully without rubbing it in too much. I’m sure many of you are old hands with these so forgive me if it seems old news, but for those of you like myself who are still newcomers to the tablet and all it’s glory, here we go.

iPhoto – oh wow, ok it may be obvious to many of you but I had no idea how brilliant iPhoto was. This fab little app has cut down on the amount of time I spend tweaking my photos. A couple of clicks and hey-presto perfect…well as perfect as my photos are gonna get.

Blogger – now maybe I’m biased but I was amazed at how easy it was to set up my blog and with this app I can do loads on the go as well. If you want to set up a blog, but just don’t think you have the techie brain for it, go the blogger route. It really is a breeze, but still creates a professional looking blog. Changes are easy and posting is so simple you really will think ‘what on earth was I worried about’…go for it.

iPublisher Star HD – if you’re a regular visitor to my blog, (there are a few of you I think - well, hope!) you’ll know about this one. As part of my Sketchy Sunday series I create a sketch every week and recently I’ve been using this little superstar to do a lot of the work. What I need to do to make it perfect is create an image library that I can import from, but for now it’s working for me.

Tim Holtz – ok, the man, the deity that is Tim Holtz has an app, if you haven’t got it……then are you crazy…..get it right now. It’s even free!

Units – this may not make sense straight away but believe you me this app has proved invaluable at times. It’s a measurement conversion app, just pop in your measurement hit done and there you have it. Invariably when I’m making something off the page I use my scoreboard which is in inches, but then I forget and trim something in centimetres – doh – this makes sorting the maths out a doddle without having to search for my glasses to look at the trimmer.

Pic Stitch – the last of my recommended apps is a photo app for combining multiple images into one framed picture. It’s really simple and ideal for us scrapbookers. Export in a variety of sizes, perfect for this kind of layout and best of all it’s FREE.

I hope some of these prove as useful to you as they have to me and as always if you have any apps that you’d like to recommend  do please leave a comment with the details.

Happy Scrapping.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Make Mine a Mini..

You've probably noticed I have a bit of a thing for mini albums and I'm not adverse to making it easy on myself by using the odd pack of cards or envelopes as a starting point. Just to show you what I mean here's a mini that started life as 6 envelopes.

The Our Family album was a quick and simple album. I used good quality envelopes as a base and in no time I had an album waiting to be decorated and filled with the family photos. You may notice the familiar crystal magnet book handle - I'm on my second box of those and have designs on another....Tiger here I come.

paper line - Papermania Capsule Parisienne

So if you have a little time to spare and you happen across some odd envelopes in that junk know you have one.....put them to crafty use and create a mini perfect for a  quick, kid friendly project.

Happy Scrapping.

Michelle x

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sketchy Sunday 21

It's Sunday and for those of you that are regular visitors you'll know that means it's sketch day. This sketch is quite versatile in that you can use the smaller oblong embellishment elements as journaling cards or just as patterned paper sections. This sketch was actually inspired by my Brekkie American Style layout posted previously and on that one I used business cards from the diner where we ate breakfast.

So here we have it sketch 21.

Just in case it's passed you by, the big news this week is have launched their new and improved website so do take a peek for more inspiration.

Happy Scrapping

Friday, 15 August 2014

I See You....

I mentioned some time ago that I was working on some projects for the Design Team over at Docrafts and as part of that I was lucky enough to get to play with the A4 Express Die-cutting Machine, and play I did....big time.

This project was one I'd tried previously with my trusty Big Shot but it just didn't give me the space I needed to create the look I was after. That's the great thing about A4 dies, they just give that extra space and for a frame based design you really need it. Previously I was put off the A4 die-cutters out there just because of the large space necessary to store them and for me that really is a factor in deciding wether to get one or well as how many pennies in the piggy bank...the Xpress solved the storage problem for me as it folds up and so storing it takes no more room than my Big Shot. A little tip, I found that popping the cutting boards underneath the machine while storing minimizes bowing on the boards, always an issue with any die-cutter.

Anyway,  this project although a little fiddly is really effective. The acetate layers and inked leaves on each layer really give the album depth. Use the same technique to build up a family group picture from a wedding, that would be an amazing version.....I just thought of that and now I'm thinking I'll have to give it a go. 

The photos are from trips to Tropical Wings and Paradise Wildlife Park, great places to visit if you haven't already. 

Each photo is mounted on an acetate page which I sandwiched between two die-cut frames. 

 The photos get gradually bigger so the last one is a standard 6 x 4.

If you'd like instructions on how to make this album pop onto the new and improved, select Features from the menu bar and step-by-step from the options displayed.

Happy Scrapping.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sketchy Sunday no.20

It's Sunday and time for another dose of inspiration, sketchy style. Today marks the debut for sketch no. 20 and another triple photo layout plan.

The large star makes the perfect journaling spot, add quotes or dates to the smaller stars to complete your story. Use various patterned papers for your stars to really pump up the interest. 

I know it's square photos again but they do work so well on these sketches.I would love to hear what you prefer, multi-photo sketches or singles, 4 x 6's or squares, leave a comment with your preferences if you have them and I'll draw up a sketchy to-do  list.

Happy Scrapping.

Brooching the subject of a bargain.....

It's been a busy day but I'm determined to make more time for scrapping, in some way, shape or form. Today's way was a spot of bargain hunting and a bit of box covering....I'm getting a lot quicker at covering boxes, must be all those mini advent houses.

Anyway, bargain hunting resulted in a couple of handy purchases. Firstly we have a set of pin brooches from Poundland. I'm going to snip off the pins to create a set of charms that I can just glue on.  Now guess how much?

The second bargain was from the craft furniture mecca that is IKEA. These sets of handles were 50p a set and come in a variety of colours. I'm thinking they could be used as book handles, box feet or the original use of drawer handles.

Go on grab a bargain.

Happy Scrapping.

Michelle x

Monday, 4 August 2014

Pretty in Pink

Ok, so it's taken me a lot longer than anticipated, but I finally finished my layout based on sketch no.12. As is usual for me, I left the layout propped up in my living room so I could see where it needed more work and eventually it seemed finished.

I used papers from two Papermania Capsule Collections, Wild Rose and Eau De Nil, the pink and blue really compliment each other. Normally I ink all the layers on a page, but for this one I decided not to as I wanted the layers to remain soft and create a dreamy feel to the finished layout. I did blend brown ink around the edge of the layout, just for extra interest and to take the edge of that sugar sweet colour scheme.

The embellishments are from the Wild Rose Capsule Collection and the freebie gift from last months Creativity Magazine, a delicious collection of buttons and gems.The flourishes I created using self adhesive gems and a negative section of a die cut flourish as a pattern.

So here it is, my take on Sketch no.12 with the gorgeous Larissa as my muse.

Happy Scrapping.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sketchy Sunday no.19

Well, it's been a busy week in the land of me, but I have managed to squeeze in time to do the Sketchy Sunday sketch, although it was touch and go for a moment there, to be honest doing the sketch won out over cleaning the bathroom....hey, the bath will still be there tomorrow, but Sketchy Sunday only comes around once a week.

This sketch really appeals to the girly side of me, with flowers, butterflies and flourishes, but still leaving room for a sizable title and your story. Don't feel constrained to a square photo, I just have a bit of a thing about cropping to a square lately and of course if you have an iPhone it's one of the standard sizes for snaps.

Talking of girly, I'm going through a girly pink phase at the moment with a layout ready to post for tomorrow's #docraftsmonday using the new Docrafts release Wild Rose Capsule Collection and the Eau De Nil Capsule Collection. So pop by tomorrow if you have the chance and are craving a sugary sweet fix.

Anyway, without further ado here it is sketch no.19.

Have a lovely scrappy day.

Michelle x