Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Snowflake overload!

If you've been following my altered advent houses then you'll know that I'm currently desperately searching for co-ordinating papers. This house is covered with paper from a very old pack I dug out of my stash and I think I'm now at the point where I really need to find some new ones. So I shall be trawling the internet in search of festive papers and hopefully can then get back to decorating the rest of the houses.

 In the meantime, till I get some more papers, here we have it, house no.5 with just a few snowflakes.

I'm really enjoying this project and it's making a decent sized hole in the older stash pile. It's also inspired me to look at other alterable items....more on that soon!

Happy Scrapping.

Michelle x


  1. Just been looking at all your little houses - they are so cute

  2. Thanks for visiting and glad you like the houses.

  3. great projects Michelle.

    I've tagged you for a Libester award which is like a blog hop except you answer questions about yourself and then tag other bloggers.

    1. Thanks Katie, sounds like fun.

  4. Ooh sparkly sparkly pretty! I love all the snowflakes! x