Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sketchy Sunday no.6

It's inspiration time again and here it is in all it's sketchy glory no.6.

I have a layout ready for this one which I will post during the week. I've got tentative plans for a little catching up on the layout side of things so hopefully more to follow soon.

I blame my layout drought on becoming a little distracted with my altered advent houses, it's fun to make each one different and it's also inspired me to work on something a little bigger.....but more of that later.

I hope you managed to set aside a little crafty time yesterday to celebrate (Inter)National Scrapbooking Day.  I finished one advent house, covered a second in paper and glittered half a dozen roofs, so got quite a bit done.

What I really must get done is a bit of crafty organizing, it's all getting a little fragmented but I do know where everything is it's just getting to it is not as easy as I'd like. It must be really lovely for you lucky few who have a dedicated craft room. I do have a decent space in the study purely for crafty stuff but it seems to be shrinking! or maybe it's the extra goodies I stuff into it on a fairly regular basis......probably.

Happy Scrapping.

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