Wednesday, 7 May 2014

No Clouds.....

Those of you who are regular visitors will have noticed my recent flurry of Christmas advent houses so you won't be surprised to see house no.3. I'm making steady progress with these and it's fun to be able to complete something so quickly, I'm speeding up with the paper coating it's definitely a technique thing. Now I'm just on the hunt for co-ordinating papers and another bucket of glitter glue.

As part of my Sketchy Sunday series I'm trying to post layouts based on the sketches and this layout was the result of sketch no.6.

I view this as a important positive moment in my life, three days previous I had been diagnosed with tonsil cancer. I am lucky in that my cancer was diagnosed very early and due to a healthy lifestyle I was fit and strong enough to deal with the treatment. I am a positive person by nature and I truly believe that this helped dramatically in how I dealt with the treatment and the speed of my recovery, which has been deemed amazing by my doctors.So for me this is a happy layout, it's how I choose to view what some might consider a dark time and I wanted to document just how lucky I am. 

Happy Scrapping.


  1. Sweet page - love the colours. Off to look for the other houses ...