Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Beading bargain

As promised I've been bargain hunting for supplies for those of you who want to try making your own bead sprays, like the one below from my last tag mini shown on the previous blog post.

I use 28 gauge beading wire and whatever beads, crystals or small buttons I fancy but pearls are one of the staples. So, I've tracked down some pearls for you at the bargain price of 99p from Hobbycraft (check out for your local store) and some 28 gauge wire also at 99p from The Range ( . The wire is available in various colours and the pearls are a multi-coloured pack so there should be something for everyone.

For this wire gauge you don't need wire cutters an old pair of scissors will cut through it no problem. Here's some very basic instructions how to create the spray but you may find it helpful to check out Youtube where I'm sure there are a myriad of tutorials.

Cut a piece of 28 gauge wire approximately 20” long. Fold at approximately 5”, keep hold of the shorter end of wire in your left hand and thread on a bead to the fold point, twist the bead to create a stalk of about ¾”  then make a couple of twists of both long and short sections of wire to secure. Make a fold approximately ½“ from the final twist on the long piece of wire, thread on a bead and twist to create a stalk, make two twists using both wires. Continue using the same technique making folds longer or shorter as required, once your spray is complete twist the remaining wire to secure. Shape the spray. 

I can see myself making a lot more of these as they're a great simple way to add an extra dimension to any project but my favourite beads to use are still the Cousin brand, for sparkle and lustre they're hard to beat.

Happy Scrapping.