Thursday, 15 May 2014

Appy Scrapping!

Let's be honest a lot of us have phones and/or ipads that are never far from our crafty space. With my fellow app addicts in mind I thought it might be helpful to let you know the scrappy apps I have installed on my iphone.

Firstly the one I've mentioned in a previous post and probably my favourite scrappy app, it's (fanfare) Project 365 Pro. For the princely sum of 69p you too can be addicted to taking photos everyday of the year and keying in your daily musings to match. It's a great little app well suited to Project Lifers as well as those of you who just want the daily pics. You can export a single image for the month made up of all the snaps taken. I'm going to use this next year for a new 365 album.

Next up a fairly new one for me is WordPack, another 69p well spent as this one allows you to key in words and then select a desired shape into which it will then form the words. Great for unique tags, embellishments or a gift of framed word art.

QuoteZilla is an app I refer to a lot for title inspiration or word art embellishments. It's £1.49 for the all singing and dancing version or you can get the basic version for free.

The popular Layoutaday is great for inspiration if you're feeling a little blocky or just want to do something different. Each day you get an inspiring prompt for a layout and it's free.....yes free.

Talking of free, the last of my apps are both freebies.

Aisu Sepia is a great little app for creating sepia versions of your existing pics or for taking new pics using the in-app camera.

Moldiv is an easy way to create multi image pages using the in app templates. Just add your selected images to the sections and save the completed template to the camera roll. I've used this in the past for my 365 album to enable me to print a single page with all my images. This one can be expanded with an in-app purchase for extra templates.

I hope this helps in your scrappy app searches. If anyone has any recommendations then please post a comment and share your finds.

Happy Scrapping.

Michelle x


  1. Ooh, thanks, I've just jotted a few of these down to take a look at! I love the Rhonna Designs app for altering my photos with overlays, and I use PicFrame to stitch photos together, but that's about all I use at the moment scrappy wise. x

  2. Just off to look at your recommendations. Thanks Jennifer.

  3. Thanks for sharing your apps! :)

    1. Hope you found the post useful. Thanks for visiting.

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    1. There's another app post on the blog with my new recommendations, just use the labels on the right to track it down. Thanks for visiting.