Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Project Life or 365?

There's been a huge increase in the number of people doing Project Life over the past few years. I get that it's a great way to document the everyday quickly and easily, I just can't get into the photos and ready made cards style of scrapping much as I would like to. The fact I hate my handwriting...I know I'm not alone in that one...probably plays into this as well. That's not to say I don't think Project Life is gorgeous because I do it's just not for me, well not at the moment anyway, maybe if I learn to embrace my scrawl. However I do love the whole documenting 'every day life' thing and in 2011 I did a 365 project. It's basically a photography version of project life where you take a photo a day (or whatever time-frame you set) and I decided to create a scrapbook using these photos.

I didn't set a rule for how many photos on a layout, I just did what felt right for that time period, so in my album there are quite a few pages where it's a single week and then I did some that are a series of months. I really like how the album turned out, it's interesting and I didn't buy specific supplies so it made a fair sized hole in my stash.

I also discovered a great app, Project 365 Pro which I'm going to use for next year as I think 2015 seems like a nice round number to have another go and it'll be easier using my phone than carrying a camera around. You can even output the monthly file from the app as a single image which looks great for a layout.

Anyway, here's a few pages from my album just to give you a flavour.

Sorry about the reflection on this one, just couldn't get rid of it. 

See what I mean about it being interesting? 

Happy Scrapping


  1. This looks great, a good way to capture the year and to be able to look back on it. Thanks for the app suggestion too! x

  2. Fab layouts...I am loving doing PL and am pushing myself to add lots of journalling even though I dislike my handwriting and wording. x

  3. Thanks ladies for the lovely comments and Jane I'm sure your handwriting is lovely unlike mine.