Saturday, 12 April 2014

Christmas is coming!

Ok, so I may be jumping the gun with thoughts of Christmas but I have twenty four mini advent houses to decorate so time is passing by.

I picked up this set of  advent houses in the Hobbycraft sale in mid January for £10, which I thought was an absolute bargain.

I finally started the project this week with house no.1. My inspiration was an advent I decorated previously in icy tones. This one was originally a very cheap gaudy advent sold by Tesco's but at £6 was worth picking up to decorate. When I realised how much I enjoyed the process I went to get half a dozen to do as pressies but they'd sold out and haven't had them since (a good four years ago), I kicked myself. Anyway, this is the decorated version.

So the mini houses will be decorated to coordinate with the big advent, which means I'm now on the lookout for suitable papers and will be buying iridescent glitter glue by the bucket load. I'll post the
houses as they're completed so you can follow my progress.

Here's no. 1 in all it's sparkly glory.

Happy Crafting.


  1. I missed the Tesco advent houses too - rather like the idea of individual houses - quite fun to decorate by the looks of things.

    P.S. You might get more comments if you turn off the WV ... I've had 3 goes each time before getting the combo right and it's off-putting :-(

    1. Hi Jimjams, sorry you had problems and thanks for persisting. I've removed the WV so hopefully that will sort it. As for the mini houses, I highly recommend them it's quite satisfying decorating each one.

      Thanks for visiting.