Thursday, 13 March 2014

Ready, Steady, GO!

Well this is it…my digital home, a shiny new blog. To those of you kind enough to visit, welcome and I will try not to bore you…...notice the word TRY.

Let’s start with a little info, my name is Michelle and I am a scrap booker, yes I know HUGE surprise what with the blog name and all.

So the aim of this blog is to share some of my work, products I love and those too good to be true crafty finds.

So lets start with the latest crafty find. I picked up these memo board magnets from a Tiger store, my local one is in Romford (check for your nearest branch), and they make fantastic mini book handles as showcased on my Compendium of Biological Wonderments mini album.

At £1 a packet of six they really are fab. Some have the magnet sitting proud of the base these I just removed with a pair of pliers, it takes a little bit of twisting, the rest had the magnet flat and they’re fine to use as is. I would recommend a really strong glue, I like Anita’s 3D clear gloss finish for this it sets like a resin.

This envelope mini album uses the Madame Payraud paper line and their new adhesive paper makes constructing a book cover so much quicker, if you're a mini book fan do give it a go.

I am currently working on the Creativity Club design team for Docrafts so you may see quite a few of their products in my makes.


  1. Yay congrats on starting the blog...great first project to start with!

  2. Welcome to blogging..... loving your project and blog look xxx

  3. Yay! I LOVE those little handles. Such a great book!

  4. Hi Michelle, and welcome to blog land! I will follow you if you will follow me! ( We will both need to build our followers! Ive only been doing this since January too! Fabulous little book you've made; how did you get the negative lettering on the canvas tag?

    1. Hi Denise, following you I am. January...that makes you an expert in my book. The lettering is created by applying stickers, inking over the top and the removing the stickers.....easy peasy

  5. Brilliant book Michelle... must've taken ages and it is so beautiful. Aaaand welcome to blogging... it's a a fabulous way of sharing all your gorgeous makes! xx

  6. Stunning project Michelle, welcome to the world of blogging xx