Monday, 31 March 2014


Woohoo, it's Docraftsmonday again and I was a little pushed for time this weekend so just a quick tag mini album.

Made using one sheet of 12 x 12 card stock and the free  Easter download papers on the Docrafts website, it 's big enough for those smaller Easter hunt photos and quips with the tags measuring 6" x 3".

Happy crafting

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sketchy Sunday

Hope you're all having a lovely crafty weekend and those of you who are mums are being spoiled rotten.

I had some feedback recently regarding the blog and one of the suggestions was to include a sketch. Far be it for me to ignore the masses, well ok few, so here's the first sketch I've come up with. If you're inspired to create it would be great if you could post a link to your creation in a comment.

I will post my own effort in a later post.

Happy crafting.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Mini Madness!

I do love to make a mini book, some are quick and simple others take a bit more time, paper and thought.

These simple matchbook albums were made for my Docrafts gallery using all Docrafts products. Both albums were made from cardstock which I doubled up to give it more weight and a little more durability. The bigger of the two is a pocket album while the little one is just a card flap album. I find this type of mini really quick to make but still a really sweet gift album and perfect for a special occasion where you have too many photos for a layout but not enough for a bells and whistles mini.

I really like the look of staggered shaded tags in my minis so you'll see this a lot.

 I only had a few photos from this family get together but they weren't good enough to be blown up so this little mini was the perfect showcase. I used the Jewels Creativity Club download for this one.

This mini was a little more time consuming. It's an envelope mini but on a small scale, still no less effective. A busy, textured front cover works well with this one and my button addiction is plain to see.

This mini uses products from Docrafts Sew Lovely range, those resin flowers are gorgeous.

See, I said they'd be more staggered shaded tags and these ones I gave a die cut edge to, another fav technique, using the Xcut oblong parenthesis die set.

So that's a few of my more recent minis I'll get around to posting some of the older ones at some point.

Before I go here's the latest crafty find courtesy of The Range (check for your local store) priced at £2.99 complete with a small set of paints and a brush. I discarded these as I intend to cover it in paper and bling.

Happy crafting.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Crafty find

I'm always on the look-out for something to use as handles for books or feet for boxes, it can make all the difference....honest.

I found this pack of wooden beads in one of my favourite bits and bobs stores Tiger (check for your local store), for the princely sum of £1.

There are a variety of sizes in the pack, not always four of a kind but like I say I will be using them as handles as well as feet so not a problem for me. As they're wooden I can paint them to match any project but they also do different colour packs, green and a bright selection if you prefer. I will no doubt glue a gem over one hole when using as handles and glue the other side to the book.

When attaching handles of any sort I always use Anita's 3d clear gloss. I love this stuff as it sets like a resin and dries perfectly clear. I also use this a lot to give a raised glossy finish to page elements or alphas. On my Compendium of Wonderments mini book, posted previously, I used the gloss to fill the butterfly embellished charms hanging from the spine and to glaze the elements on the album cover. It really is one of my can't do without products.

Happy crafting.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Tell me a story....or not!

We all tell stories with our pages, not always with text, sometimes it’s just enough with a photo. However some stories need to be laid out, the traditions, the new experiences or those moments that just sing to us and we want to recall every detail. I don't always have a major story to tell, I might just have a photo that I love or a moment I just want to document or sometimes I just want to create a layout and I'm perfectly happy to scrap that way.

These two layouts are story ones for me. One more of an experience and the other a real tradition.

The Tea and Tinsel layout was created using a lot of DCWV scraps and a broken Christmas garland. I know everyone says you should use your handwriting on your layouts but I just can't do it, I do try but I always end up thinking it looks worse for adding my scrawl so I end up covering it...hey, it's my layout so I just print my journaling because that's what I like.


The Mouse Tale layout was also created with DCWV paper and some American Crafts chipboard, I can't remember the make of the glitter elements but it was a flower and leaf craft tape that I chopped up. I have no problem chopping up paper or altering elements to suit my purpose, I don't consider myself a collector of stash....although Hubby may disagree...I don't have boxes and boxes of paper or card - I think it would drive me crazy trying to decide what to use. This is not to say I don't lust after the stash, I'm not immune to it's charms, but I do try to keep it under control. Sorry, off on a ramble again. Anyway as I was saying, these are just two of my stories, I hope you like them and maybe take time to document some of your traditions.

Happy Scrapping x



Friday, 21 March 2014

Crafty Find

I've had a bit of a fad for covering and embellishing boxes lately so when I saw this little number I had to snap it up.

I think I'll start by removing the drawer knobs as the crystal ones I posted earlier would look really sweet on this. It might be a little tricky as they are glued on but I can always turn the drawers around if it looks too rough after I take them off.

If you're interested in this it's available at The Works (see their site for your nearest branch) for £1.99.

Happy Crafting.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

it's good to dream.....the story so far.

I made a decision about a year ago to try and spread my crafty wings a bit. I think most crafters dream of working in the craft industry in some small way, as we all seem to get a bit obsessed once the bug bites and I thought I might make inroads if I made more of an effort to increase my experience. Who knows if it would ever lead anywhere but it's worth a go I thought.

First thing I did was look up my favourite paper manufacturers and scout around their blogs/forums, this led to finding that they or their forum members set challenges. So I entered a few, I wasn't confident of my ability and working within a set criteria like using a set paper line or subject matter was new to me. It turned out I loved it. I could see how my layouts improved by using set products and it also led me to experiment with altered items and mini books, something I hadn't done before.

These two layouts were entered in DCWV's challenges and both were selected as part of their TOP 10. DCWV run regular challenges and pick ten of their favs which are then put in a hat to win a selection of their products.

These led to me attempting a chipboard mini album. I used a Papermania mini and The Luxury DCWV paper stack. This was featured on the DCWV Facebook page.

So a few more challenges later on the Docrafts blog and a little more confidence led me to thinking I would like to try and get on a design team.

I was already on the Docrafts forum when I discovered they were looking for a design team for their Creativity Club. I have always been a fan of their products which are lovely quality and varied, perfect for someone like me who likes a bit of everything, so it was a no-brainer. I sent off my application and waited......I was shocked and chuffed to pieces when they offered me a place. I think my crafting has improved with the encouragement from my fellow team members and the Docrafts team. Some products have not been things I would have selected for myself but which have made me rethink my approach and maybe use them in a different way and I have been really pleased with the results. This box for instance was created using decoupage items used for cards, I am not a card maker although my fellow team mates create some beautiful pieces which has made me think of having a go now and again but it's not really my thing, still never say never.

Anyway, I just wanted to encourage my fellow crafters to maybe try something new and to follow your dreams no matter how big or's good to dream.

Michelle x

Monday, 17 March 2014


It’s #Docraftsmonday on Facebook. This is a weekly share of all projects crafty on the Docrafts page and my project this week is a covered heart shaped box. The box was originally a Christmas stocking filler gift from Ray…yes, that’s right we have stockings at the end of the bed on Christmas Eve full of little goodies to be opened first thing Christmas morning while wearing the traditional Christmas hats. Obviously I get some craft related items and this little plain wooden box was one of them. He picked it up in The Range along with a hexagon version which you can see on my Docrafts gallery.

I covered the box with the new Oyster Blush paper line and embellished using products from the Oyster Blush and Sew Lovely product lines. Then I applied a handmade flourish using Papermania gems. I just can’t resist that bling.


A little tag mini fits inside decorated with matching flowers, buttons and bling.

Take a look at Facebook #Docraftsmonday gallery for more crafty inspiration.

Happy Crafting. x

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Are your layouts always sweet?

I don't know about you but my layouts don't always have a cute and cuddly subject matter. Take this one for instance.

Ok, not everyone would be inspired by a rotting singing hamster but for me this had to be scrapped. Ray (Hubby) gave me this gag gift one Christmas and it made me cry with laughter. It just tickled me something rotten so of course before it went to that great hamster cage in the sky (aka the bin) I had to create a layout. The tombstones show the year the hamster finally bit the dust and the rose that he clutched I mounted on the final stone.
Then there's this one.

This was one of many photos I took at Paradise Wildlife Park when we went out for the day, just the two of us. It was a great day out and I'm creating a few pages with the photos. This one really captures the moment we walked into the bat shed and there were hundreds of hungry bats.

So why not challenge yourself to scrap a not so cute picture.

Happy scrapping. x

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Boxes and Babies

Just because it's one of my favs I wanted to share this layout of my Goddaughter's beautiful baby, now a toddler so more pictures bound to follow as she's a real camera loving cutie.

I used Anita's outline stickers on Papermania's Kraft tags and inked over the top with an ink pad before removing the stickers to reveal the original white of the tag.  The leaves and branches were created using a Tim Holtz die and for other embellishments I used a couple of  Xcut punches and my old faithful Craft Robo.

Now to the important task of bargain hunting. Yesterday I picked up two small wooden boxes for £1 each both with nice clasps and hinged lids in The Works (check their website for your closest store .

The larger box had metal corner pieces which were glued, I removed these as I want to cover the entire box in paper. This caused a little damage to the top of the box so I'll glue some light weight chipboard on top before covering it. The locks and hinges can be unscrewed so I'll remove and refit them once the boxes are covered.

The smaller box has an acrylic window in the top, perfect for a peak at a mini book inside.
These are just two of the range available so I think I'll probably be grabbing some more at some point.
Hope you all have a lovely crafty weekend. x

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Ready, Steady, GO!

Well this is it…my digital home, a shiny new blog. To those of you kind enough to visit, welcome and I will try not to bore you…...notice the word TRY.

Let’s start with a little info, my name is Michelle and I am a scrap booker, yes I know HUGE surprise what with the blog name and all.

So the aim of this blog is to share some of my work, products I love and those too good to be true crafty finds.

So lets start with the latest crafty find. I picked up these memo board magnets from a Tiger store, my local one is in Romford (check for your nearest branch), and they make fantastic mini book handles as showcased on my Compendium of Biological Wonderments mini album.

At £1 a packet of six they really are fab. Some have the magnet sitting proud of the base these I just removed with a pair of pliers, it takes a little bit of twisting, the rest had the magnet flat and they’re fine to use as is. I would recommend a really strong glue, I like Anita’s 3D clear gloss finish for this it sets like a resin.

This envelope mini album uses the Madame Payraud paper line and their new adhesive paper makes constructing a book cover so much quicker, if you're a mini book fan do give it a go.

I am currently working on the Creativity Club design team for Docrafts so you may see quite a few of their products in my makes.